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Dedicated development services

The Bobcares dedicated development team is ideal for customers who require an offshore team of specialized engineers, with the required infrastructure and resources to meet specific business goals, such as software development.

Bobcares offers you the possibility of having an offshore development center to augment your IT infrastructure by providing state-of-the-art software development facilities in India, without losing management control over the IT staff. This team works as an extension to your own development center. Through this model, we offer you the best skill sets and resources, and at the same time taking all necessary efforts to protect your intellectual property rights (IPR). All rights to the intellectual properties developed through the dedicated development team vests with you.

This facility enables you to take your pick of our developers and build your own offshore team of skilled software engineers. In simple terms, you have a team here in India, that is trained in your line of business and processes, working as an extension to your on-site team.


Why go for a dedicated development team at Bobcares?

  • You can use your Bobcares team to develop software for your own company or a 3rd party.
  • You can concentrate more on growing your business and leave all the duties of project management / product development to your team at Bobcares.
  • You can enjoy the advantage of having your own offshore office – cost cutting and time saving, without having to encounter any of the risks associated with traditional outsourcing.


Features of Dedicated Development team:

  • Intellectual Property protection mechanism.
  • Integration with your business practices and methodologies.
  • Hardware and Software environment is setup exclusively for your teams.
  • For special skill sets, the professionals can be trained inhouse or remotely.
  • The dedicated team is trained in your line of business, systems and processes.
  • Start off with even a single developer, and add new members as and when the need arises.
  • An effective and established offshore team which works like an extension to your own team.
  • Infrastructure dedicated to your team, with dedicated high-speed redundant bandwidth and power.
  • Strictly enforced state-of-the-art security protocols, including physical separation of the dedicated development team.
  • A dedicated team of professionals (project manager(s), development team, support team) to provide an entire set of development services for one, many, or all of your software projects.
  • Due to the highly sensitive nature of projects undertaken by our dedicated development team, we are not able to display a portfolio of our projects. If you require more details, please feel free to contact us.
Working through all phases of the project, from requirements definition to final release, was fantastic. Very good response and communication throughout the project from the principal engineers and project managers. I would certainly work with you again.
Christopher Levine

Principal, Keyobjects Incorporated