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We help you reduce your time to market through central configuration management and automating code releases.


To attract and keep your customers, you need to roll out new features quickly and respond swiftly to feedback. Agile or lean development process gets you half way through, but if deployment takes time, you’d lose the advantage you gained through fast development.

Bobcares helps you integrate Development and Operations into one cohesive process by ensuring uniform development and production environments, automating deployment process and helping you easily manage a diverse server infrastructure.

Configuration management

We use your configuration tool of choice (Puppet, Chef, SaltStack, etc.) to create and maintain a uniform configuration for different server classes. By use of scripts/recipes, we ensure smooth deployment of application code across the server farm.

Configuration code management

To minimize compatibility issues, development, testing and production environments should be compatible. With centralized server configuration management, we ensure each server has exactly the same versions of software.

Application code management

In load balanced web-server systems, new code need to be deployed simultaneously in a large number of servers. We create custom deployment scripts/recipes that deploys new code into the server farm, and can even do a roll back if an issue is detected.

Deployment management

By properly maintaining your development environment and by fine tuning your deployment process, we help you smoothly execute continuous integration and continuous delivery for your software system.

Dev tools management

We maintain your development systems such as SVN, Jenkins, CVS, etc., so that it remains highly available and fully functional when you need them. High availability configuration and backup management is done to ensure data is always secure and available.

Release process management

We constantly evaluate the effectiveness of the release procedures, and help you make changes to the systems and procedures to ensure quality and timeliness in code testing, systems simulation, and deployment.

Diverse platform support

The nature of today’s applications requires you to maintain servers in different locations and infrastructures. We support a wide range of infrastructures that includes dedicated servers, virtualized servers, private cloud servers, and public cloud servers.

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We can help you with all your infrastructure needs, be it one time support, emergency server rescue or 24/7 monitoring & management.