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Data center support

With professionally managed technical support and server management, we help you deliver reliable server administration and high service uptime.



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Data center operations can be challenging. Keeping a constant vigil on network/server performance, giving timely resolutions to customer queries, and server provisioning/upgrades can take up all your time. It’s then hardly surprising that most data center managers find it difficult to focus on projects that are critical to improving data center capability and capacity. This is where Bocbares can help.

For more than a decade, Bobcares has been supporting small to multi-NOC data centers around the world. Bobcares acts as your own technical support team and transparently supports your customers over phone, live chat and help desk. Our engineers work independently or with your inhouse team to keep your network and servers in top-notch condition 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Remote technical support

Bobcares transparently supports your customers over phone, live chat and help desk – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Remote infrastructure management

Be it a one time installation or ongoing preventive maintenance, Bobcares can help you keep your infrastructure top-notch.

Software development

We help you customize software applications, or develop new software from scratch for server or mobile applications.

How we help

Technical support services

Yes, servers do fail at times, and when that happens, your customers look for fast, expert assistance. We act as your technical support, and are available 24/7 over phone, live chat and help desk to help your customers resolve service issues.

Provisioning and accounts administration

Customers look for instant service, and we are only happy to oblige them. Whether your provisioning guarantee is in minutes or in hours, we make it happen. We help your customers quickly setup and effortlessly manage their accounts.

Server/Network abuse handling

Bad news travels fast, which is why we react instantly to network or server abuse notifications. By taking swift action on outbound attacks, spamming, malware hosting, etc., we make sure that your network maintains a reputation of reliability.

Server administration services

The IT needs of businesses differ from one to another. From a simple firewall configuration to a complicated multi-NOC fail-over configuration, we help your customers setup an IT infrastructure that meets their business challenges.

Preventive server maintenance

It makes good sense to service your car periodically so that it remains in top shape. Just the same way, we periodically audit your servers and keep them updated, secured and optimized, so that you can easily meet your SLA guarantees.

Server infrastructure upgrade

Technology gets outdated every few years, and when that happens you need a reliable way to continue your services in a new platform. We help you setup and configure new servers and seamlessly migrate your customers into it.

Remote technical support

We support your customers and servers as a managed service, or through a team of engineers working exclusively for your company.

Managed support

Hire support engineers

For a low fixed price per month, we keep your services online, and support your customers over phone, live chat and help desk.Our engineers work as your technical support staff or complement your existing support team, seamlessly extending your support group.
24/7 availability
Multi-channel support
Emergency server support
Complete infrastructure management
Unlimited technical support and server management
Custom coverage, response time and support style
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Remote data center infrastructure management

Bobcares helps you custom configure your infrastructure and keep your servers running smoothly through professional server administration and ongoing infrastructure maintenance.

Infrastructure management

Bobcares engineers monitor your infrastructure round the clock, and take immediate corrective actions to mitigate performance or security issues that can affect SLA or network reputation.


Server administration

We help you with major changes to the data center infrastructure like systems upgrades, server migrations, etc., with zero adverse impact on security, performance or uptime.


Software design and development

Bobcares helps you develop custom software, or customize server applications to meet your unique business requirements.

Software customization and development

With 14+ years of experience in managing and developing applications for online service providers, our developers create software that is custom made for your unique business needs.

See how we help with custom software development