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SaaS support

Your customers look for fast, reliable hosted services. With 24/7 technical support and infrastructure management, we give you just that.



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Customers fall in love with SaaS applications that are fast, intuitive to use and portable across multiple devices, but even the best designed software cannot anticipate all possible usage scenarios. Customers look for fast, expert assistance when the application doesn’t work as expected. This is where Bobcares can help.

Bobcares provides expert technical support and infrastructure management 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We act as your own technical support team and transparently support your customers over phone, live chat and help desk. For a fixed cost per month, you get world-class support delivered as a managed service, or through a team of engineers working exclusively for your company.

Remote technical support

Bobcares transparently supports your customers over phone, live chat and help desk – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Remote infrastructure management

With 24/7 emergency server support and ongoing preventive maintenance, Bobcares helps you maintain top-notch service quality.

Software development

We help you customize software applications, or develop new software from scratch for server or mobile platforms.

How we help

SaaS technical support

New client devices hit the market every day, and it often leads to customers being confused about application settings or error messages. We troubleshoot errors reported by customers, and help them configure their account in the way they want.

Multi-channel support

At Bobcares, we believe in customer delight. We believe, customers should get quick resolutions to their service issues at any time of the day over any channel they choose, which is why we maintain a 24/7 presence over phone, help desk and live chat.


24/7 availability

Our support engineers help your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We have no banker’s hours, no auto- responders and no closed for holidays door sign. Your clients always receive fast and friendly support.

Emergency service recovery

RAID array errors, network congestion, faulty power unit – a lot of things can affect service quality in a server environment. We keep a close eye on infrastructure health, and quickly resolve systems issues before it can affect service quality.

Maintaining systems performance

It’s exciting to see the customer base and app usage grow, but with it comes the inevitable crunch of server resources. We keep a close eye on resource usage statistics and initiate corrective actions like load balancing to ensure there are no bottle necks.


Security audit and hardening

New vulnerabilities are disclosed for server software all the time. We monitor security channels, and patch your systems software if a new vulnerability is reported. Additionally periodic top-down audits are done to secure all services and ports.


Performance audit and tuning

Just like how you service your car periodically, servers need periodic auditing to keep them in top shape. Increased user base, change in data volume, etc., can cause servers to have un-optimal settings. With periodic performance tuning, we keep this in check.

Systems upgrades and patching

System upgrades – they are necessary, but they could break your app if not done right. We understand the complexities involved in server upgrades, and help you smoothly transition into a new software version with zero downtime and data loss.


As they say, time’s money. We help you reduce time to market by maintaining uniform development and production environments and automating the deployment process, and building systems to easily manage a diverse server infrastructure.

Backup management

Backups are your safety net. When you need it, there just isn’t a substitute. We monitor daily backup status and test backup integrity through random restore tests, so that you’ll get a perfect server/application copy when you need it.

Software development

The perfect SaaS app is a harmonious mix of intuitive UX, robust performance, and a great set of features. At Bobcares, we are passionate about mobile and web app design. We help you build innovative features for your app in the platform of your choice.

Infrastructure design and setup

As your user base grows, so should your infrastructure. Scaling up is not always straight forward, and it often needs complex systems like caching, queuing, etc. We design and implement easily scalable systems with zero performance impact.

Remote technical support

We support your customers and servers as a managed service, or through a team of engineers working exclusively for your company.

Managed support

Hire support engineers

For a low fixed price per month, we keep your services online, and support your customers over phone, live chat and help desk.Our engineers work as your technical support staff or complement your existing support team, seamlessly extending your support group.
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