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From maintaining a fresh design to delivering ace performance, we help you present a delightful online experience for your customers.



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When it comes to establishing a business relationship, the first impression counts a lot. A website that is fast, and intuitive to use goes a long way to getting you a new customer. It sounds simple, but a lot goes behind maintaining a stable infrastructure, and releasing new website features to match the changing trends on the web. This is where Bobcares can help.

Bobcares provides 24/7 emergency server support, remote infrastructure management and software development services for business websites. Our engineers work independently or with your inhouse team to keep your infrastructure top-notch and to develop web/mobile applications for your business.

How we help

Emergency service recovery

Your customers and search engines value fast websites, which is why we maintain a 24/7 expert technical team to monitor your website statistics and take immediate corrective actions in case of server performance issues, security issues, service failures, etc.


Technical support

Snags in sending your bulk marketing mails? Trouble resolving a software conflict? Our technical support team can help you fix all of them in a jiffy. We are available 24/7 over help desk and instant messenger, and expert help is just a click away.

Security hardening and standards compliance

It’s a jungle out there when it comes to website security. We help you achieve compliance to security standards like PCI DSS, HIPAA SAS 70, etc., and keep your website and infrastructure bullet proof through periodic security audits and hardening.


Website/Server performance optimization

Impressions matter – especially when it comes to deciding where to spend one’s hard earned cash. Customers always choose fast websites over slow ones. We keep your shop lightning fast through performance tuning, performance audits, etc.

Website software upgrades and patching

First responsive design came along, and then masonry. Who knows what’ll be the next big change in website design? By keeping your software updated to the latest version, we help you present the best features in the internet to your customers.

Platform specific support

Be it Magento, WooCommerce, or osCommerce, each of them have quirks that are unique to the platform. No matter what your website platform is, we help you identify and resolve performance bottlenecks specific to your website software.


As they say, time’s money. We help you reduce time to market by maintaining uniform development and production environments and automating the deployment process, and building systems to easily manage a diverse server infrastructure.

Backup management

How good is a parachute if it doesn’t open? We help you maintain a reliable website and server backup. We monitor daily backup status and test backup integrity through random restore tests, so that you’ll get a perfect website copy when you need it.

Infrastructure maintenance

Corrupted RAID arrays, outdated system software, disk space issues – all are part of maintaining a world class website. We take care of all your infrastructure maintenance operations, so that you can focus on making your website even more awesome.

Website custom development

What makes a great website? Intuitive UX, beautiful designs, responsiveness – the list goes on. Our developers take everything that’s great in web design and helps you build a website that’s visually stunning, intuitive and robust.

Graphical design

Impressions matter. A website that has a beautiful design, creative logo, and stunning graphics trumps a boring website any day in holding your customer’s gaze. Our brilliant graphics designers help you create designs that leave a lasting impression.

Bobcares services you’ll love

Remote infrastructure management

Bobcares helps you maintain a high performance website by keeping your infrastructure optimized, secured and updated.

Software design and development

Bobcares helps you customize web applications, or develop new software from scratch for server or mobile platforms.

Supported technologies

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