Common issues resolved in phone support

Every day we resolve hundreds of common tech issues in web hosting. 


Common DNS issues

  • Domain parking issues
  • Modifying MX, A or CNAME records for domain zones
  • Adding/Correcting SPF/DKIM records
  • Correcting domain name resolution problems

Common Mail Issues

  • Desktop mail client configuration assistance (Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc.)
  • Mobile mail configuration assistance (iPhone, Samsung Note, iPad, etc.)
  • SMTP port block issues
  • SMTP authentication issues
  • Anti-spam configuration assistance
  • Spam filter training for valid mails
  • POP-before-SMTP and relay denied issues
  • Mail quota management issues
  • Auto-responder configuration assistance
  • Webmail management assistance

Common web server issues

  • Directory password protection issues
  • Enabling cron tasks
  • Installing web applications with one-click install
  • Configuring website publishers (DreamWeaver, Microsoft Expression Web, BlueFish, etc.)

Common FTP Issues

  • Assistance in using anonymous FTP
  • FTP client configuration issues (CoffeeCup, CyberDuck, FileZilla, etc.)

Common database server issues

  • Creating or modifying databases
  • Adding or managing database users

Account management issues

  • Quota exceeded issues
  • Account password reset
  • Account suspension issues

Our phone support team specialize in quick resolution of common service configuration related issues. Support requests that need server administrator privileges are escalated to the help desk support team. This segmentation of support load helps your customers get lightning fast resolutions for regular support issues, while keeping the channel open to address emergency issues and service errors.

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More phone support features

Call log

All details of calls like call times, call lists etc., are saved for your review. You can check when a particular call was made, the source number, how long it lasted, etc.

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Call recording

All calls are recorded for quality assurance and can be reviewed through an online interface. Calls of a day will be available for your review after 12:00 am MST the next day.

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Friendly, patient support

All companies get their share of customers frustrated about service issues. The phone team at Bobcares knows how to give each customer a friendly and patient ear.

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