Frequently asked questions

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1. Where is your phone support staff located?
Our phone support staff is located at our office in Phoenix, AZ.
2. Will you be offering phone support incoming only or both incoming and outgoing?
Primarily the phone support is incoming. However, the customer service representative may call back if the customer has asked to call back or to give updates to the customer. There is no extra charge for outgoing minutes within the United States. In case outgoing calls have to be made to customers outside the US, extra international phone charges will be applicable.
3. Will each company you support get a dedicated telephone number?
Yes, once you sign up with us, you get a dedicated phone number which you can advertise as your support number. You get access to the phone records and can see the call lists and call durations as well.
4. What happens if I have international customers?
There is no extra charge for incoming calls from international customers. In case outgoing calls have to be made to customers outside the US, extra international phone charges will be applicable.
5. Can your phone support agents deal with sales or pre-sales calls if I sign up for a phone support plan?
Certainly. Our agents are intimately familiar with the kind of packages and features that are offered by standard web hosts. Yet, no two companies are the same and we expect that agents may take a couple of days to familiarise with the specifics of your company's offerings.
6. What would your standard phone greeting be for my customers?
Our phone support team's greetings are customized to your company's requirements. Our customer service representative will know the company he/she will be taking the call for, before the call is taken. This ensures total transparent support.
7. How is my phone integrated to your system?

There are 3 ways in which we can integrate into your phone system:

1. If you have an already advertised phone number on your website, just ask your phone company to forward all calls to that number to the DID (Direct Inward Dial) number that we assign you.

2. If you do not have an advertised phone number yet, or want to use another number, we'll give you a dedicated phone number local to your area, which you can directly advertise on your site.

3. If you already have a PBX system implemented in your company, we can connect via SIP to your system so that your customers can contact our techs by choosing an IVR option.

8. Is my business supported in phone support services?
Bobcares phone support is suited for any company that runs an online business which requires administration of servers connected to the internet.
9. What is Emergency Burst Coverage?
At times, you might make some major changes to your infrastructure, such as upgrade of a server, account mirgations or even restoring a server after failure. At this time, you'll receive way more support calls than normal.

With our Burst Coverage, we've got you covered. Just let us know a couple of days in advance before a major change, and we'll put adequate staff on shift so that all your customers get fast, expert assistance.

10. How will you check if callers are indeed my customers?
Yes, we are aware that people might call support to get access to un-authorized information.

To avoid such issues, we'll ask your customers to give us a piece of information only they might know (eg. last 4 digits of credit card, sign-up email, last billing number, etc.).

Only once we're satisfied that the caller is your customer, do we get into the details of managing the account.

11. Can you transfer calls to sales or billing?
Yes, we know that customers sometimes mis-dial and connect to tech support instead of billing or sales. There are even cases when after the support issue is resolved customers want to talk to billing or sales.

In such cases, we'll transfer the calls to your other teams much like how we would within an office.

12. Do you provide a local number?
Yes, we'll give you a number that has your location's area code. This way your customers will feel they're calling a local office when contacting support.

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