Outsourced phone support

100% white labeled, US based tech support for web hosts, web designers, digital marketers, and more.


You love your customers. You’d go to any length to keep them happy. So would we.

Bobcares helps web solution providers deliver 24/7 techical support over phone. When your customers call your number, our agents in Phoenix, AZ respond as one of your staff, using your company name, thereby delivering 100% white labeled support. See how it works.

How we help

Human touch

The right word at the right time can defuse stressful situations, such as a website or mail errors. No matter how angry or upset a customer is, our team of professionals always find a way to make them smile.

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Web hosting expertise

One needs in-depth expertise to accurately troubleshoot technical issues, without keeping the customer on hold. Bobcares has over 15 years of institutional knowledge of web hosting technology, which enables our techs to fix issues in 5 minutes or less.

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Focus on your business

Support calls can take away your focus from core business activities such as sales or marketing. With Bobcares, you can continue offering top-notch support branded with your company name, while finding time to build your business.

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Increase support uptime

If you’re out of office, or busy with other calls, or even if your power or phone is down, your customers would be unable to contact you. Bobcares uses redundant power & connectivity so that calls from your customers are attended – each time, every time.

Reduce hold time

As a business owner, you’ll get many phone calls every day, and can lead to customers spending a lot of time on hold. Bobcares minimizes phone hold time by using a team of agents that handles calls in parallel, all of which you can review using our friendly call interface.

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Minimize costs

Offering a competitive 24/7 tech support is a costly proposition. It includes salary, infrastructure costs, utility costs, accounting costs, and more. Bobcares offers the same high quality support at a fraction of the cost by sharing the facilities with multiple companies.

Compete with market leaders

Big businesses offer a wide range of support options, that’d be too costly or too complicated to implement for a small business. With Bobcares, you get the same world class support system that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to operate.

How we deliver 100% white labeled support

We deliver transparent support by answering your customer’s support calls using your phone number (by seamlessly routing calls to our systems). All responses are customized to reflect your company name, not ours.

1. Receive

Calls to your tech support number are forwarded seamlessly to our office in Phoenix, AZ. (We’ll give you a dedicated phone number if you don’t have one.)

2. Greet

Your customers hear a greeting that’s branded with your company name. Our agents take the call within 15 seconds on average and respond as one of your staff.

3. Resolve

We analyze the technical issue reported, find the solution, and walk your customers through each step of the resolution, until they’re completely happy with the service.

Meet our team

We’re a bunch of techies in Phoenix, AZ, who loves helping out people. At work, we’re tech super heroes who save the day for hundreds of small businesses out there.

Get started at $1.99/minute

Our pre-packaged basic plan covers 3-5 phone calls per day.