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Kalix allows you to review phone call logs, call recordings and feedback from customers. 


How good is your phone support? When is your phone support used the most? What are the feedbacks of your customers? Know all this and more with our phone support interface – Kalix. We encourage you to review our phone call recordings from time to time, and let us know your feedback on how well we are doing. This helps us improve our service, and further customize the service as per your preferences.

  Call logs

See how many customers called on a particular time period, how long the calls lasted, and from which all numbers the calls came in. This helps you to identify if a particular marketing drive, or a server event caused a variation in the support traffic, and which call customers use the phone support frequently. It helps you to understand how quickly we are able to resolve issues, and what kind of issues take longer to resolve.

bobcares phone support call log

Call log viewer – Kalix management interface

We grow with our customers

For over 15 years, we’ve worked with more than 200 web hosts. See how we made a difference in their business.

Reducing support load on the web hosting owner

Fixing support quality issues for a large web host

Supporting customers from multiple time zones

More phone support features

Expert technical support

With over 70 types of common issues resolved everyday in all popular platforms, our tech support team is geared to resolve a wide range of support queries.

See commonly resolved support issues

Emergency handling

Our phone operators are experts in crisis management. During service outages, we always remain on top of the issue, reassure your customers, and restore their confidence in the service.

See common emergency support issues

Friendly, patient support

All companies get their share of customers frustrated about service issues. The phone team at Bobcares knows how to give each customer a friendly and patient ear.

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Our pre-packaged plan covers up to 10 support calls per month.