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Multiple Domain Search And Registration Using WHMCS API

This convenient WordPress plugin enables easy registration of domains from your website. It uses WHMCS API calls to locate available domain names based on TLDs or registry zones. If the domain is already registered with another provider, the plugin provides a quick transfer option.

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Domain Search and Registration WordPress plugin works as a bridge between the WHMCS and WordPress installation. This plugin uses WHMCS API functions for search, register and transfer domains.

The following features are supported in this plugin:

  • Multiple domain search, where the users can enter multiple domains in a text area.
  • Display all available TLDs as a convenient matrix of check boxes.
  • Search available TLDs based on registry zones.
  • Convenient interface to transfer a domain if it is already registered with another provider.
  • Ajax driven domain search to quickly display available domains.
  • Convenient interface to register multiple domains based on user choice.

How it works

  • WHMCS settings and Tld selection page.
  • Domain search by extension and it’s availability listing.
  • Domain search by zone.
  • Domain transfer section.

Need it customized?

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