Current Promotions Display Plugin

This nifty WordPress plugin allows you to create and display advertisements during various site interaction sequences like newsletter signup, blog article display, etc. The promotion is shown for a pre-set amount of time, and the interaction sequence continues.

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Current Promotions Display WordPress plugin allows you to promote your products/services to your site visitors. Once a user is done with signup to your newsletter, blog, payment confirmation, registration, etc., a current promotion display is shown to the end user. The interaction sequence resumes after a pre-set amount of time.

The administrator interface has the following features:

  1. Create different promotion templates using the native edit tool of WordPress.
  2. A custom redirect delay can be set for each template.
  3. A different URL can be set for each template.

Key features of the Current promotions display plugin

1. Add/Edit the Promotion templates and Redirect settings

2. Listing of all the Plan Promotions

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3. Displaying the Promotion Plan to users

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