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VAT Return Todo Manager

This WordPress plugin provides an easy interface to track your accounting and VAT tasks, and thereby avoid surcharges and penalties. It automatically creates to-do lists based on due dates, and sends out email reminders.


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VAT Return Todo Manager WordPress plugin is useful for companies established in countries where taxation involves VAT. It provides a to-do list management interface based on the VAT and Accounting dates.

The following are the features:

  1. Interface to create todo and assign it to a particular user.
  2. Automatically send email reminders to the assigned user according to the todo due date.
  3. Automatically create todo based on accounting and vat dates.
  4. Once a todo is closed, a new todo is automatically created with new end date.
  5. Interface displays todo deadline and progress details.
  6. Allow a todo to be shared by multiple users.
  7. Break up a todo list with individual tasks assigned to different users, and a master list maintained by the admin.

Key features of VAT Return Todo Manager Plugin

1. Adding new company and assignee details.

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2. Listing all ‘accounting’ todo’s.

3. Manual Todo creation page.

4. Manual Todo update page.

5. Todo listing page for each assigned user.

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