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Paypal billing agreement WHMCS module

Many customers prefer to pay using their PayPal account, but what if you offer a service that requires recurring payments? PayPal does have an option to allow recurring payments, which is called PayPal Billing Agreement. However this feature is not supported in WHMCS by default.

This module enables PayPal Billing Agreement as a payment gateway. Your customers can then see this payment option in their invoices or in your website check out page. After the first purchase, payments will be automatically captured during the next billing cycle.



This module helps you enable recurring payment for your customers who use PayPal. During the initial purchase, your customers will be presented an option to choose “PayPal Billing Agreement” as the payment method. During the transaction, the module captures the transaction token, and uses this token to automatically charge the customer at every billing cycle.

You need to make sure that in your live paypal account, reference transaction feature is enabled.

Compatible with latest WHMCS version.

Key features of the Paypal billing agreement WHMCS module

1. Payment gateway management interface

You can enable PayPal Billing Agreement and configure connection to your PayPal account from the Payment Gateway management section:


2. Payment options in Invoice and Website

Once the gateway is enabled, your customers can see this payment option in their invoices and cart checkout page.


2a. Payment option in invoice


2b. Payment option during website check out


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3. Automatic billing

Once the transaction token is captured in the first purchase, billing can be set to be automatic charge.


4. Customer interface for billing management

Customers can view their Paypal Billing Agreement status at any time, and cancel the account if they wish.


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