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WHMCS extension for oVirt management

The Challenge

A VPS hosting provider (name protected due to NDA) that used oVirt wanted to provide an easy account management interface for their customers. VPS users should be able to sign-up for an account, create VPS and manage VPS instances right from their WHMCS interface.

The Solution

We used oVirt APIs and WHMCS hooks to build a seamless interface to see the status of VMs of each user, and to manage them from within their account.

Feature 1 - oVirt VM auto provisioning

When a customer purchases a new VM package, the VM would be automatically provisioned, thus reducing its ‘Time to Live’.

Feature 2 - VM management

For customers to manage VM functions such as Start, Stop, Suspend, Rebuild, Change the OS, etc.

Feature 3 - VM management dashboard

The main page lists the summary of oVirt VMs, Hosts, Users and Storage domains.

Other features

1. Create a new VM

Customers can create new VMs using the oVirt VM templates, from the WHMCS oVirt module.


Option to create a new VM

2. Network Manager to manage the VM networks

Customers can add and edit their networks with this feature.


Network Manager feature to edit VM networks

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