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Bobcares helps cloud providers to consistently meet high service uptime commitments.



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Cloud Infrastructure Maintenance


With web and email hosting being the top reason for SMBs to adopt cloud, high availability and responsiveness are major determinants of cloud service reputation. A variety of reasons like security incidents, performance issues, capacity planning errors, or upgrade glitches can cause service downtimes. Bobcares helps cloud providers maintain high service uptime by providing professional cloud infrastructure management and 24/7 emergency administration with human monitoring of critical performance metrics.

Cloud security management

Cloud security is a high priority concern for cloud providers, as a disclosure or loss of sensitive information could lead to loss of reputation and legal issues. Most commonly perceived security threats include privilege escalation via management console misconfiguration, VM vulnerability exploits, weak protection of privileged keys, VM isolation failures, etc. Bobcares helps cloud providers secure their infrastructure by regular top-down security audits, rapid adoption of latest security procedures, vulnerability testing of APIs by working with developers, emergency patching to counter zero-day vulnerabilities, etc. Additionally, by conforming to the strict ISO 27001 Information Security Management standard, we ensure 100% reliability and accountability of each Bobcares engineer working on your systems.

Performance monitoring and optimization

Performance of a cloud system can be affected due to issues like noisy neighbors, capacity planning errors, hardware failures, security events, etc. Bobcares conducts regular performance and capacity audits to make sure your infrastructure is comfortably able to take on the CPU, memory, network and IO load required of it. Resources are scaled well before an increased demand causes a performance bottle neck. Redundancy systems are verified to be working properly through periodic testing. With 24/7 emergency support, performance metrics and hardware health are closely monitored, and any performance deterioration is immediately rectified before it can affect your customers. By adopting a proactive approach to performance management, we allow cloud providers to offer and meet strict performance SLAs.


Software life cycle management

Cloud systems evolve daily with newer features antiquating features that were cutting edge just a year back. The software stack comprising the cloud management, compute engine, storage stack, etc. need regular upgrades to keep up with the competition. Bobcares helps cloud providers with change management where the cloud systems are upgraded with minimal downtime using methods such as in-place upgrade, side-by-side upgrade, etc. Roll-back procedures and post-upgrade tests are designed and tested before hand to instantly detect performance issues, and restore a working system with zero data loss and minimal downtime.

Professional cloud IT support

Bobcares helps businesses design, build, migrate into and maintain a cloud based IT infrastructure, giving you higher signup rates and lower churn.

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