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Bobcares helps cloud providers maximize their service value.



Cloud Infrastructure Management


Cloud services help businesses save money, scale easily and ensure high availability. However, cloud adoption is seldom easy. Cloud providers spend a lot of resources in converting, migrating and maintaining business IT infrastructures in the cloud platform. Bobcares helps cloud providers increase customer signup, reduce churn and ensure SLA compliance by providing engineering assistance for cloud adoption/maintenance and by providing 24/7 preventive and emergency support to maintain service quality levels.

Is Bobcares right for you?

If you are looking for ways to improve customer experience in adopting and using your cloud infrastructure, or need a professional engineering team to maintain your service quality levels, Bobcares can be an ideal partner for your business.

Professional cloud IT support


For cloud providers who want to offer managed cloud services.

Even with close to 90% of SMBs using cloud based services in some way, most feel inadequately prepared to transition their infrastructure to cloud. Bobcares helps businesses design, build, migrate into and maintain a cloud based IT infrastructure, giving you higher signup rates and lower churn.

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Cloud maintenance and SLA compliance


For cloud providers that want to ensure 100% compliance to service uptime guarantees.

With high availability being one of the top reasons for companies to move to cloud, any performance deterioration or downtime can damage service reputation. Bobcares performs security administration, performance optimization and capacity management thereby ensuring 100% SLA compliance.

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How we help cloud service providers

With offices located in US and India staffed with seasoned technical experts, Bobcares is equipped to handle all infrastructure management and technical support requirements of cloud service providers.


Infrastructure management

We keep your infrastructure top notch by doing continual preventive maintenance which involves installing server updates, performance tuning, reliability testing, security audits, capacity audits and resource scaling. This ensures that your customers do not face a downtime due to poor infrastructure configuration, and there by maintain good service reputation.

Professional server administration

Bobcares engineers routinely troubleshoot complex systems errors, and implement custom solutions, which enables them to use their expertise to provide professional managed services to your clients. Using advanced troubleshooting methods like process tracing, dump analysis, etc., we resolve issues fast, thereby re-instating the trust of customers on your service.

24/7 monitoring and emergency support

Our experts keep a close eye on critical performance indicators of your infrastructure, and quickly restore the service within acceptable performance limits before it can affect your customers. Emergency reaction procedures are established and continually refined through periodic testing, enabling our engineers to restore service swiftly in the event of a downtime.

24/7 help desk support

All our engineers are customer support specialists. We use your help desk to support your customers, helping you maintain a 24/7, responsive and expert support channel. We aim for fast and thorough issue resolution. 97% of tickets get resolved within the first 60 minutes, with an average response time of 23 minutes, and 75% of tickets are resolved in the first response.

24/7 live chat support

Live chat is a great way to provide support for an evolving situation, like a resource limits error. Bobcares engineers are experienced in assisting clients over live chat, explaining the nature of the issue, the details of the resolution, and detailed instructions for future issue avoidance. This gives you an excellent channel to provide managed professional support.

24/7 phone support

Phone support is the fastest and most effective channel for your customers to get support during an emergency. Getting prompt, reassuring care from an expert, helps defuse the situation and improve customer retention. Our phone support team based in Phoenix, AZ works with your on-site staff to resolve issues ranging from account setup assistance to service disruptions.