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Professional Managed Services

Managed services need to be 100% reliable. Resource bottle necks need to be detected and resolved well in advance, updates and patches need to be tested in a test environment and applied as soon as possible, and any reported issues need to be resolved in as little time as possible.

Bobcares enable provision of reliable managed services through 24/7 performance monitoring, quick emergency support, and continual maintenance to keep the service running smoothly. We conduct routine performance audits, run reliability tests, and secure the systems against evolving threats. With experienced computer science engineers in our ranks, we help you deliver top notch professional server administration services to those clients who has custom server configuration requirements.

Minimizing cost

By absorbing the expenses of maintaining a top notch engineering and support team, Bobcares allows data centers to invest money in areas that directly affect business growth.

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Service uptime management

Bobcares engineers help you meet strict service uptime guarantees that covers mission critical applications, managed servers, cloud infrastructure, and more.

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Painless scalability

Bobcares takes the onus of maintaining an expert pool of systems engineers, so that you can focus on on growing your business, and not held up with day to day management.

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