Bobcares enables easy scaling of data center operations.



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Easy Operations Scalability

Bobcares team is made up of computer and electronics engineers with years of experience in server and network management. Each engineer goes through intensive inhouse training that enables them to operate efficiently in any data center operations role. Our resource management and shift rosters are designed in such a way that sick leaves or other emergencies are automatically balanced by on-call engineers fully familiar with your infrastructure.

The engineers are managed through ISO certified quality management process, which ensures that your customers always get the best service in the industry. Additionally, we keep a pool of engineers always trained and on stand-by so that you can smoothly increase the team size without having to think about scout for talent, recruit, negotiate, hire, train and coach them about your systems, policies and procedures.

Service uptime management

Bobcares engineers help you meet strict service uptime guarantees that covers mission critical applications, managed servers, cloud infrastructure, and more.

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Minimizing cost

By absorbing the expenses of maintaining a top notch engineering and support team, Bobcares allows data centers to invest money in areas that directly affect business growth.

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Service value addition

We enable data centers to provide reliable and professional value added services like managed backup, load balancing, high availability, professional administration, etc.

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