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High Availability Engineering


In this age of cloud computing and redundant server architectures, customers and search engines do not look kindly upon website downtimes. The loss of reputation, and search engine penalties can be a bit hard to recover from. Bobcares delivers high uptime for your website by implementing a fault-tolerant system architecture that keep your site ticking even if one of the servers go down. The redundancy and recovery procedures are tested regularly to ensure everything will work perfectly at the time of an emergency.

Building systems for robustness

High availability solutions can range from simple hardware redundancies in server architectures to complex multi-NOC fail overs. Bobcares engineers analyze your website requirements and depending on factors such as complexity of website application, the rate of growth, budget, etc., design a high availability solution that ideally suits your needs. Some of the more common high availability configurations we employ include DNS round robin, IP load balancing, TCP load balancing, distributed storage, heartbeat failover, etc.

Robustness of a website also depends on how quickly it can bounce back from force majeure events. Bobcares designs, builds and maintains disaster recovery systems that helps websites to restore their services on alternate infrastructure in as little time as possible. Disaster recovery planning includes backup systems administration, backup reliability testing, backup capacity planning, regular emergency procedures testing, etc.

Guaranteed reliability with regular auditing

The HA systems need to be audited and tested regularly to make sure upgrades or system changes has not resulted in issues like session splits which can cause customers to lose their transaction details when a switch is performed. Failure simulations are done on test domains, and based on the results, switch over time, data integrity, load handling, etc. are continually improved for ensuring reliability in emergency situations

Scalability Engineering

Bobcares engineers design and implement scalable web and database servers to aid sharp growth at short notice, and enable websites to quickly roll out new feature sets through rapid technology upgrades.

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Performance Optimization

Bobcares designs, builds and maintains responsive server infrastructures that deliver consistent high performance even with a growth in user base or upgraded site features.

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Security Management

Bobcares protects website reputation by implementing multi-layered security, conducting regular top-down security audits, and by applying emergency patches to counter zero-day exploit attempts.

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