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Infrastructure Performance Optimization


Consumers are now used to blazing fast websites. A wait time of more than 1.5 seconds tends to bounce visitors. This is especially true for e-commerce sites where the most relevant results need to be shown to customers within a split second before their attention is captured by something else. Bobcares designs, builds and maintains responsive server infrastructures that deliver consistent high performance even with a growth in user base or upgraded site features.

Engineering a high performance system

High performance of a website is dependent on server architecture and website engineering. Our engineers work with your developers to implement website optimization steps like deferring scripts, minifying scripts, avoiding redirects, style sheet precedence, etc., which saves up to 5 seconds in page load times. Based on an analysis of your website technology, we choose the ideal infrastructure architecture and software suites, which includes database clustering, DNS clustering, http load balancing, reverse proxy servers, memory or opcode caching, etc.

Continual performance optimization

The load on a server system keeps changing based on the number of users, and new features the website. High performance can be maintained only through constant performance monitoring, and continual systems tweaking. We closely measure how your infrastructure performs, continually tweak server settings, upgrade software suites, or scale up resources as needed. We keep an eye out for improvements in technology, and rapidly implement better solutions that can shave off those extra few milliseconds that can bump your site server notches above your competition.

Security Management

Bobcares protects website reputation by implementing multi-layered security, conducting regular top-down security audits, and by applying emergency patches to counter zero-day exploit attempts.

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High Availability Engineering

Bobcares delivers high uptime for your website infrastructure by implementing a fault-tolerant system architecture that keep your site ticking even if one of the servers go down.

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Scalability Engineering

Bobcares engineers design and implement scalable web and database servers to aid sharp growth at short notice, and enable websites to quickly roll out new feature sets through rapid technology upgrades.

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