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Infrastructure Security Management


Google alone blacklists 10,000 websites daily for hosting malware. It’s a sobering statistic on how prevalent security issues are, and the severity of business impact if websites are not adequately secured. Bobcares protects website reputation by implementing multi-layered security, conducting regular top-down security audits, constantly monitoring the servers for untoward events, and by applying emergency patches to counter zero-day exploit attempts.

Securing the website and server systems

Website security is a result of secure website engineering and secure server architecture. Bobcares engineers work with your developers to ensure adequate precautions are taken against cross site scripting, sql injection, cookie stealing, cross site request forgery, outdated frame works, etc. Additionally, server security is ensured through multi-layer security that includes access restriction, 2 factor authentication, implementing web application firewalls, privilege restriction in database and web servers, restricting function accesses, etc.

Keeping a tight vigil

As the threat-scape keeps changing (through vulnerability disclosures, new hack methods, etc.), we keep a tight vigil for any unusual events in the server or on the website. At the first hint of a new threat discovered, emergency patches are applied to keep the server secured. Additionally, regular top-down audits are conducted using automated tools and through manual check lists to make sure none of the defenses are breached, and to take note of any opportunity to improve security.

Performance Optimization

Bobcares designs, builds and maintains responsive server infrastructures that deliver consistent high performance even with a growth in user base or upgraded site features.

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Scalability Engineering

Bobcares engineers design and implement scalable web and database servers to aid sharp growth at short notice, and enable websites to quickly roll out new feature sets through rapid technology upgrades.

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High Availability Engineering

Bobcares delivers high uptime for your website infrastructure by implementing a fault-tolerant system architecture that keep your site ticking even if one of the servers go down.

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