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Server optimization

We help you recover from a server performance issue, and optimize your server for instant responsiveness.



In a study of 10 businesses with server load issues, more than 20% of customer cancellations were attributed to un-reliable services. Server load spikes are caused by resource abuse by a few accounts, un-balanced resource allocation between production and maintenance processes, or inadequate resource availability for the required set of features. Bobcares engineers rescue your server from an ongoing high load situation, throttle resource abusers, and optimize the server to ensure responsive service at all times.

What we do

Mitigate ongoing load spike

Our first priority is always to mitigate an ongoing high server load situation. By identifying the resource being abused, and the specific service that hogs the resource, individual users causing the load spike can be located. Server normalcy is then restored by throttling the abusive processes.


Root cause identification

By collating the information obtained through real time load analysis, web/mail/database/system log analysis, server traffic trends, trend information from monitoring system, and resource usage trends from system utilities, the root cause of load spike is identified, and marked for resolution.

Services bench marking

To ensure that a server will continue to work smoothly, it is necessary to determine if the services are configured optimally to handle an expected amount of traffic. For this, benchmarking tests are done on web/database servers; and performance analysis is done on mail server and firewall.


Server and services optimization

Based on the inputs from various analyses, setting tweaks are done on web/mail/database server and firewall. Network settings in the system is tweaked to block out malicious connections. Additionally, any required software like SPRI is installed to ensure resource availability to critical processes.

Load balancing setup

Load balancing systems improve infrastructure fault tolerance and responsiveness. Bobcares helps you adopt load balancing solutions with minimum cost and minimum disruption by relying on open source technology and by customizing the software to smoothly integrate into your existing systems.


Hardware upgrade consultation

Depending on how heavily resources like disk, memory and CPU are used, a hardware upgrade might be required to optimally handle current traffic and possible future increase in traffic. Hardware upgrade can include solutions like creating an SSD partition, switching to RAID disks, memory upgrade, etc.

Examples of server optimization requests

Here are a few server performance issues that Bobcares engineers work on a day to day basis:

  Recovering from high server load.

  Fixing slow database access speeds.

  Implementing optimization solutions like load-balancing and cluster setup for DNS, web, mail and database services.


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