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Buy admin hours, and get your server back on track.

Hourly Server Administration gives you on-demand expert assistance to take care of one-time server issues such as server error troubleshooting, migrations, software installation, and more.

How it works

1. Consult

At a nominal service fee of $45, our experts analyze your requirement, audit your server, and give you a custom solution to get the job done.*

2. Buy

In many cases, we apply the solution along with the initial audit. But some solutions need many hours of extensive work. For this, we prepare a quote for admin hours, that you can buy here.

3. Execute

We implement the solution, test it thoroughly, and follow-through to make sure the issue is fully resolved.

* Why is the initial consultation a paid service? Click here.

Each server is unique. From service settings to resource limits, a lot can vary from one server to another. That is why the same problem (eg. high server load) has a different root cause in different servers.

So, before we make any change to your server, we take special care to map out the software dependencies, resource limits, security settings, or anything else that might affect a successful resolution. This precaution helps you:

 Save time : You don’t have to play dice trying a 100 different solutions to finally make one stick.
 Save money : You don’t need to upgrade resources or pay for services that’s ultimately not required.
 Prevent un-wanted server changes : Why break things trying to fix something else?
Get the ideal solution : By fixing the root cause, everything else will fall into place.

Since this audit requires our experts to spend close to an hour for analyzing server logs, tracing processes, and more, we charge a one time service fee of $45.

At the end of our investigation, we’ll get back to you with:

 The exact reason for the issue.
 The best solution to fix the issue.
Time estimate to implement the solution.


Get started with $45

We start with a professional consultation. This process usually takes 1 hour, where our experts audit your server, find out exactly what needs to be fixed, and provide you a solution tailored for you. In some cases, the solution implementation will also be covered within this 1 hour.


How we help

Get your server into high performance mode. We’ll help setup applications, optimize and harden servers, migrate data, and more.

Server hardening

Get expert help in recovering from a security issue and hardening your server against future attacks.

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Server optimization

Recover quickly from a server performance issue, and optimize your servers with Bobcares administration.

See common server performance issues

Infrastructure setup

Get new services custom configured and optimized for your server infrastructure.

See common infrastructure setup requests

Application installation

Meet all your business needs and security/optimization requirements with our custom installation service.

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Server configuration

Bobcares experts re-configure your servers to meet your specific requirements with minimal downtime.

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Data migration

We help you migrate data to your new infrastructure with zero data loss, and minimal downtime.

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Frequently asked questions


Can investigation and fixes be clubbed?
Yes. For example, if we take 20 minutes to investigate, and 40 minutes to fix, we will bill you for only for 1 hour.
Can I rollover the remaining minutes from my hours?
No, because we bill in increments of one hour. But you may club multiple tasks together.
What happens if I have hours left over?
You get credits for hours remaining. You may use them anytime within 1 year.
How long do my hours remain valid?
They remain for up to 1 year. Many of our customers pre-pay for hours and use them as and when they need them.

Not sure what help you need?

Let us know what you need our assistance with.

Our expert will answer your questions, and help you get started.



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