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Minimize Operating Cost

Human resources constitute one of the top expense areas of a data center. Money goes into talent scouting, selection process, salaries, training, employee bonuses, employment taxes, annual increments, and maintaining a great work atmosphere. The cost almost doubles when considering quality management aspects, continual training on new technologies, re-hiring in case of attrition, and scaling up.

With Bobcares taking care of your HR and quality aspects, you save money while not compromising on service quality. By spreading the cost of recruitment, training, quality management, personnnel management and infrastructure among hundreds of organizations, Bobcares is able to give you expert talent for a far lower cost than what you would incur.

Service value addition

We enable data centers to provide reliable and professional value added services like managed backup, load balancing, high availability, professional administration, etc.

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Painless scalability

Bobcares takes the onus of maintaining an expert pool of systems engineers, so that you can focus on on growing your business, and not held up with day to day management.

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Service uptime management

Bobcares engineers help you meet strict service uptime guarantees that covers mission critical applications, managed servers, cloud infrastructure, and more.

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