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Bobcares helps cloud customers to migrate to, and get the best out of their cloud based infrastructure


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Professional cloud IT support

Even with close to 90% of SMBs using cloud based services in some way, most of them feel they are inadequately prepared to transition their entire infrastructure to cloud. While advantages like lower TCO and easy scalability drive companies to consider cloud, the leap in inhouse capability required to transition into and maintain a cloud based infrastructure dissuade them from following through. We help cloud providers offer managed cloud services as a value added service where assistance is given to customers to design, build, migrate into and maintain their cloud based IT infrastructure within minimal effort on their part.

Painless cloud adoption

IT infrastructure challenges are unique for each company. Bobcares analyzes the compute, storage, networking and application capability requirements of a cloud customer, and designs a cloud based architecture that meets all their current and predicted business goals. We further assist your clients to configure their application servers to make maximum utility of your cloud features. For example, using database-as-a-service for their applications instead of block storage. By lowering the technology expertise threshold needed to adopt a cloud based infrastructure solution, we help you increase sign-ups, and enable maximum utility of your cloud features.

Easy infrastructure maintenance

Ongoing maintenance of IT infrastructure is one of the top expense areas for any company. We help your customers reduce their IT costs by providing professional systems administration and assistance in development automation. Infrastructure maintenance tasks such as infrastructure monitoring, operating system maintenance/patching, application maintenance/updates, network topology updates, infrastructure scaling, etc., are managed by us, leaving your customers to focus on their core competency. Additionally, we help your customers speed up time to market by implementing more efficient development automation systems which gives them faster deployment, application monitoring, performance insights, etc. By giving your customers a one stop cloud solution, with zero overhead on infrastructure management, we reduce customer churn rate, and improve service reputation.

Cloud maintenance

Bobcares performs security administration, performance optimization and capacity management thereby ensuring 100% SLA compliance.

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