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Web Server Management


Web technology keeps evolving constantly, and to remain competitive, you need to keep your server updated with the latest features. We manage the complete life cycle of maintaining a web server that ranges from initial server design, server setup, technical support, continual maintenance, to server upgrade and migration operations.

Web server maintenance


Server load mitigation

We keep a close eye on server load trends, and immediately resolve any server load spikes before it affects your customers.

See how we keep your server responsive

Quarantine abusive users

Abusive users are detected through 24/7 monitoring, and are quarantined before they can cause a stability issue.

See how we keep abusers at bay


Performance tuning

With periodic performance tuning, the server settings are updated to keep the server running smoothly.

See how we keep the server streamlined

Performance audit

Periodic top down audits and bench-marking is done to make sure the server is performing as per industry standards.

See how we audit your web server

Resolve security issues

Hack attempts against individual websites are immediately noted, and required patches are made to prevent exploits.

See how we keep websites secure

Security audit

Periodic top down security audits are done to make sure all known vulnerabilities are patched, and firewall rules are updated.

See what is covered in security auditing

24/7 emergency administration

Experts monitor your server 24/7, and apply emergency patches, resolve security issues, and prevent performance issues.

See how 24/7 monitoring helps you

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Web infrastructure setup

Web server setup

We design and implement a web server infrastructure that meets all your business requirements.

See how we setup web servers


Web server upgrade

We plan and execute major server upgrades with minimal downtime and least disruption in service.

See how we keep ensure seamless upgrades


Server migration

By ensuring feature compatibility and planning the transfers in detail, we ensure zero data loss in server migrations.

See how migrate servers reliably



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Looking for a reliable way to migrate your customers to your new web server?


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Need assistance with some other issue? Let’s have a quick chat and we’ll give you a custom support package.


Supported technologies

Web servers

  • Apache HTTP server
  • Nginx
  • Litespeed
  • Lighttpd
  • tHTTPd
  • Apache TomCat

..and more

Application support

  • Red5
  • Ampache
  • mod_mono
  • FastCGI
  • WebDav

..and more


Server performance

  • HAProxy
  • mod_qos
  • Memcached
  • XCache / APC
  • Varnish
  • PageSpeed

..and more


Server security

  • mod_security
  • ComodoWAF
  • SuPHP
  • Suhosin
  • mod_evasive
  • ClamAV

..and more

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