Bobcares makes high traffic websites responsive and highly available.



Website Infrastructure Management


How do you attract and retain your website visitors? Research shows that 46% of visitors won’t return to a slow website, and search engines are known to include site uptime and performance as ranking factors. Bobcares remote server administrators maintain highly available, scalable and responsive websites that consistently deliver high performance, thereby helping you expand your user base.

Is Bobcares right for you?

If your website has an expanding user base, is constantly evolving with changing technology or is in need of a quick reaction professional team to maintain high performance levels, Bobcares can be an ideal partner for your business.


High performance architecture and regular performance optimization

For websites that need consistent sub-second response times.

Consumers are now used to blazing fast websites, and a load time of more than a couple of seconds tends to bounce visitors. Bobcares designs, builds and maintains responsive server infrastructures that deliver high performance that remains consistent through traffic spikes and feature updates.

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High availability architecture and preventive maintenance

For websites that need robust systems to ensure high fault tolerance.

The SEO and reputation penalty caused by a website downtime exponentially increases with each passing minute. Bobcares delivers high website uptime by implementing fault-tolerant systems and by performing regular preventive maintenance that ensures your systems remain robust at all times.

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Regular preventive server hardening and emergency administration

For websites that have a high threat perception, and need iron clad security.

Bobcares engineers protect your website reputation by implementing multi-layered security, performing regular top-down security audits, and by providing 24/7 emergency support that includes 24/7 security event monitoring and emergency patches to counter zero-day exploits.

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Scalable architecture and rapid technology implementation

For websites with a growing user base or a constantly evolving technology base.

A website’s reputation depends on its ability to quickly adapt to planned or unplanned increase in traffic. Bobcares designs and implements scalable web and database servers to aid traffic growth at short notice, and with professional administration enable rapid implementation of new technologies.

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How we help high traffic websites

With offices located in US and India staffed with seasoned technical experts, Bobcares is equipped to handle all infrastructure management and technical support requirements of high traffic websites.

Professional server administration

Bobcares engineers routinely troubleshoot complex systems errors, and implement custom solutions, which enables them to use their expertise to provide professional managed services to your clients. Using advanced troubleshooting methods like process tracing, dump analysis, etc., we resolve issues fast, thereby re-instating the trust of customers on your service.

Infrastructure management

We keep your infrastructure top notch by doing continual preventive maintenance which involves installing server updates, performance tuning, reliability testing, security audits, capacity audits and resource scaling. This ensures that your customers do not face a downtime due to poor infrastructure configuration, and there by maintain good service reputation.

24/7 monitoring and emergency support

Our experts keep a close eye on critical performance indicators of your infrastructure, and quickly restore the service within acceptable performance limits before it can affect your customers. Emergency reaction procedures are established and continually refined through periodic testing, enabling our engineers to restore service swiftly in the event of a downtime.