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Support operations management

Your account manager works with quality, security and training groups in Bobcares to meet your business objectives.



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Technical support operates in a dynamic environment where a single server event like high load can cause a sudden spike in the number of support requests. By giving higher priority to evolving issues, a support manager can reduce the number of customers affected. Smooth conduct of support operations requires constant supervision and timely intervention on support queue management, critical server events, alerts from service providers, etc. At Bobcares, operations management is an integral part of delivering support.

Your account manager translates your business objectives to create custom shift schedules, custom support processes, and custom support systems. Shift managers work with the account manager to constantly monitor support/server parameters and take timely corrective actions to ensure high service quality. Your account manager helps you formulate strategies to meet your business goals related to support and systems capabilities. Through periodic business reviews and custom reports, your account manager keeps you updated on the team’s performance in relation to your business objectives.

Support management and consultation

Single point contact

Your account manager is your single point of contact at Bobcares and is accountable to ensure that all your business objectives related to technical support, service performance and server infrastructure capabilities are met.

Customer relationship management

Your account manager keeps a close eye on customer reviews in support tickets, social media and feedback mails. Customers who are not happy are contacted, and issues are followed through to make sure they are completely happy with the service.

Queue management

You get happy customers when the wait time is low, and when the service performs well. Your account manager assigns tickets to various team members based on complexity, and prevents issues from escalating by resolving issues with a common root cause.


SLA management

SLA criteria like 99.99% uptime, 1 hour server provisioning, etc. can be met only through strong systems, procedures and monitoring. Your account manager investigates issues that could affect SLA and takes actions to ensure 100% compliance.

Technology consultation

Your servers and support systems need to be updated with the latest technology to keep pace with the market. Your support manager acts as your technology consultant and helps you evaluate and implement new technology for your infrastructure.

Periodic business reviews

We love customers who grow with us. Regular reviews are initiated by Bobcares management where key performance parameters are analyzed, and goals are set to better contribute to your business growth.

Support customization and optimization

Coverage customization

You might need two engineers in the morning for technical support, and just one at night for server management. With a deicated team, you can create custom shift schedules to meet your specific coverage requirements.

Custom reports

The focus and priorities of each business is different from one another. Your account manager implements custom systems to collect data and display reports that matches your business objectives, which will help you make the right decisions.


Support trend analysis

Support trends such as increase in a specific category of issues, its correlation to servers events, etc. are a gold mine of information to improve service quality. Such trend analysis helps your team reduce recurring complaints from customers.

Server alerts analysis

An analysis of server alerts provides actionable intelligence on infrastructure performance. Your account manager use data like the list of over-loaded servers, servers with abusive customers, etc. to continually improve service stability.

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