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Technical support engineers

100% of our help desk support team is made up of computer science engineers.



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100% of administrators at Bobcares are computer science engineers. With a strong foundation on computer systems and networks, our team of engineers are not limited by administration interface capabilities. We work at the operating system level to quickly develop solutions to unprecedented issues.

  Troubleshooting skills

Armed with an in-depth knowledge of how various sub-systems interact in the internet, and with hands-on experience of various troubleshooting software, we quickly resolve complex issues.

Here’s how we troubleshooted a load issue

  Programming skills

Systems automation is key in keeping a server farm efficient. We automate processes and systems using software coded in Bash, Python, C, etc. which keeps the servers reliable and efficient.

Here’s how we used Bash to configure LVS

  Infrastructure design

We help you evaluate and deploy new systems. We give you inputs on the right hardware technology, assist you in capacity planning, and help you in installing the new systems.

See how we setup Zabbix monitoring system

  Security administration

With 24/7 emergency security administration and security assistance, we shield webmasters from major vulnerabilities, and recover quickly from a security issue.

See how we manage server security

  Performance optimization

New website or server features impose a performance penalty. Our engineers help webmasters maintain a fast website by identifying and fixing resource hogs.

Here’s how we optimized a Magento store

  Web hosting knowledge

Bobcares is a trusted brand in web hosting industry since 2001. Web hosting technologies, common web hosting issues, evolving trends, etc. are common knowledge for each Bobcares engineer.

Here’s our take on creating the best shared hosting service

  Hardware knowledge

Bobcares engineers have a sound understanding of server hardware technology which allows them to troubleshoot server emergencies, assist in server upgrades, and aid in technology implementations.

See what we recommend for a RAID rebuild

  Fluent English communication skills

Complex technical matters need to be communicated in simple terms. 100% of our engineers are chosen based on their proficiency in written and spoken English communication skills.

See how we reply to customer queries

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24/7 technical support

Lights are always on at Bobcares. Be it a holiday, a week end or the middle of the night, we are always here to take care of your business.

See how we ensure 24/7 availability

Stringent information security

Your customer and server information is sensitive; which is why we protect them using the strictest security standard in the industry – ISO 27001:2013

See how we ensure data security

Certified quality

A team of quality analysts verify hundreds of support instances every month to make sure that all cases conform to our quality standards.

See more about Bobcares quality system