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Thank you for considering our services. We believe every business is unique, and so should be the support system catering to its customers. Our support system architect will create the ideal support solution for your business based on your coverage needs, your server technology, your business type and your support volume. Just fill in your details below, and we’ll get back to you within 1 business day.

If you're facing an emergency such as database crash or website hack, select this option. We'll get back to you within 1 hour.


Building the perfect support : We’ll give you a proposal for an ideal support system. For this, we’d like to know more about your business. Here are a few points that we’ve found most helpful:

1. Server technology and no: of servers – (For eg: 7 Windows Plesk servers and 9 CentOS Plesk servers for web hosting) – Each technology brings its own set of unique challenges to customers. With this information, we’ll be able to benchmark the volume and complexity of issues your support system receives, and thereby identify areas for improvement.

2. Support volume and channels – (For eg: 150 help desk issues/mo + 50 phone calls/mo) – By comparing the support volume with the technology benchmark, we’ll be better able to create a plan to tackle immediate support challenges, and design a long term support process.

3. Coverage requirements – (For eg: 12 hours on week days, and 24 hours on week ends) – By being aware of when your staff is present for various support functions, and the times when you get the maximum support requests, we’ll be able to optimize support resource allocation.

4. Current challenges you face – (For eg: Server load issues, account migration issues) – Your current support challenges tells us what issues needs immediate focus and what systems/process need improvement. It helps us create a short term support plan, and a long term support process to meet your business goals.

Who will help you : Our support system architect will analyze the information you’ve given us, and will get back to you with a system design that’ll be a perfect fit for your business. With the experience of working with hundreds of organizations over the past 10 years, our architects routinely assist companies refine and streamline their support systems to meet their business goals.