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Server monitoring

Experts monitor your servers round the clock, evaluate the priority of the alerts, and initiate emergency administration as needed.


To maintain a server infrastructure at optimal working levels, it is essential to detect evolving issues early on and initiate preventive actions. Bobcares systems engineers evaluate service alerts and trigger incident response if a service deterioration is detected.

How we help


Performance Monitoring

Performance parameters like access speed, database responsiveness, etc. are monitored closely for anomalies. Service performance trends are evaluated frequently to detect capacity issues.

Security monitoring

Security alerts are collated from log files, vulnerability databases, scanners, trip wires, etc. They are evaluated continually by security experts to detect potential system compromise or vulnerabilities.

System health monitoring

Infrastructure health parameters like hard disk access speed, network speed, etc., are monitored continuously to detect bottle necks. Fail-over procedures are initiated to maintain service quality.

Application monitoring

With each feature release, real world usage and performance need to be measured for hosted applications. We help you track app performance and collect usage data for future development.

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We can help you with all your infrastructure management needs, be it one time support, emergency server rescue or 24/7 server monitoring & management.