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For 7 days, a specialist developer works on your project for FREE!

What’s included in the free trial?

A developer specialized in your project technology works dedicated for your company, 8 hours/day, for 7 days. Any code developed during the free trial is your’s to keep.

Who’s eligible for the free trial?

Free trial is open to anyone new to Bobcares. If you haven’t availed free trial in the past or do not have an account with us, you are eligible.

Do you need my credit card to start the trial?

No. We just need your official contact details to start the free trial. Nothing more.

What time of the day will the developer work for me?

Any time you wish. It just needs to be an 8 hour contiguous time period.

How do I communicate with the developer?

We support all communications channels including Email, Instant Messenger, Phone, and Video.

What happens when my free trial ends?

We’ll hold a review meeting with you, and based on your feed back, we’ll continue the service on a paid plan, or end the service.