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System software management

From automatic security updates to scheduled manual upgrades, we do everything possible to keep your servers safe and current.


Software updates are critical to resolve application bugs, patch security vulnerabilities and implement new features. However, updates can break due to software conflicts or un-availability of compatible system packages.

Bobcares keeps your servers updated with the latest software by fixing dependency issues, resolving software conflicts, managing upgrade errors, and creating custom packages where needed.

How we help

Compatibility resolution

While installing new updates, it is possible that some custom configuration might break in a server. So, before scheduling a new feature upgrade, we determine the full dependency tree, and engineer an upgrade path which will not break any existing functionality.


Zero-day vulnerability patches

By keeping a constant vigil on the changing threat-scape, we instantly become aware of any emerging vulnerabilities. This enables us to quickly secure the servers before anyone gets a chance to execute any zero-day exploits.

Performing custom upgrades

In cases where operating system vendors have stopped providing patches, or in cases where application software was installed from source, Bobcares helps service providers keep the system updated by creating custom installation packages or by updating the application using source code.

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We can help you with all your infrastructure management needs, be it one time support, emergency server rescue or 24/7 server monitoring & management.