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Docker support

Dockerize your infrastructure just like you envisioned it. Let us take care of the hard part.


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Docker makes it easy to deploy and scale apps on demand. However, maintaining a Docker infrastructure involves many critical activities like storage management, network management, infrastructure upgrades, DevOps, etc., that can eat up a lot of valuable time. This is where Bobcares can help.

Bobcares helps online businesses and Docker hosting providers deliver high quality of service and prompt technical support. We help you build, operate and maintain a Docker infrastructure, that is custom tailored for your unique requirements.

How we help

24/7 emergency administration

A degraded RAID disk, a database error, a network congestion, or anything similar can throw a wrench into a smoothly running Docker system. That’s why we keep a close eye on your Docker health and performance metrics, and rush to the rescue, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Technical support

Your customers look for fast, expert assistance when your app or service doesn’t work as intended. With Bobcares, your customers get instant access to application specialists, round the clock.


Building the perfect image

The size and composition of your Docker image plays a large role in your application performance. We help you build optimized Docker images that are feather light, tested for all real world usage scenarios, and easily scalable.


Bullet-proof Docker security

Docker containers share a common operating system kernel. An un-patched kernel vulnerability can be exploited by an attacker to gain control of the entire Docker system. We help you implement multiple layers of security that includes AppArmor/SELinux hardening, namespace securing, etc.


Lightning-fast Docker containers

As an application scales up, several bottle necks appear at the database layer, caching layer, network layer, etc. We devise custom monitoring methods for your applications, and tune the Docker infrastructure so that your apps run blazing fast at all times.

Reliable Docker backups

Life’s full of surprises. Some are unpleasant, like hard disk crashes. We help you configure a fool-proof backup system that keeps multiple versions of your containers and data volumes in secure locations. We further check the data integrity daily to make sure the backups work when needed.

Docker infrastructure setup

Should you choose SaltStack or Ansible? Should you choose CoreOS or CentOS? We help you answer these high level design considerations about your infrastructure, and help you build a Docker system that’s custom tailored to meet all your business goals.

Docker system upgrades

Docker and its ecosystem grows at a blistering pace. In order to remain competitive and to keep the systems secure, it is important to upgrade all system components as soon as an update is available. We keep your systems updated at all times while ensuring 100% compatibility with existing applications.

Docker management case studies

Simplifying Magento DevOps using Docker

Using Docker, we cut down the need to maintain separate server environments.

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Docker support on a CoreOS infrastructure

Docker in CoreOS – Easy scaling up of web apps

How we setup high availability, security, and easy scalability through CoreOS.

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Docker support in WordPress VPS hosting

Using Docker for WordPress VPS hosting

How Docker was used to build a highly scalable, low footprint WordPress hosting service.

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Docker support Rapid Application Development using Docker

Rapid application deployment using Docker

By using Docker, we were able to avoid dependency errors, app conflicts, and deployment script issues.

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Remote infrastructure management

With Bobcares watching your servers, you’ll never have to face an un-planned downtime. We notice server trends early on, and fix evolving server issues way before your customers are affected.

Remote technical support

Be it troubleshooting an application error, or a request for service configuration, we are here 24/7 to help your customers get the best out of your service.