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KVM support

Your KVM system users get instant access to expert support – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



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KVM delivers world-class virtualization capabilities while maintaining a very low performance overhead. However, KVM users often face issues with network routing, storage errors, etc. In such situations, customers look for quick, expert assistance to maintain service uptime. This is where Bobcares can help.
Bobcares helps virtualized infrastructure owners maintain high service quality and deliver prompt technical support. We act as your own technical support team and transparently support your customers over live chat and help desk.

How we help


VM technical support

VM owners in a KVM hypervisor often need assistance with resource upgrades, custom operating system installs, fixing boot errors, etc. We help you maintain a responsive technical support channel over help desk and live chat, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

VM abuse recovery

Just like any other server on the internet, VMs in KVM hypervisors get their share of security issues. This can include phishing, spamming, IP range black listing etc. We help your customers recover from, and secure their VMs against all kinds of abuse issues.

Service troubleshooting

Running a server brings with it a slew of issues, such as mail deliver errors, slow servers, website errors, etc. With Bobcares, your customers get fast, expert support that helps them quickly resolve any service error in their VM.


Software installation & upgrades

System application upgrades (like PHP upgrade, MySQL upgrade, etc.) and application installs (like media servers, CRM apps, etc.) could easily lead to a maze of errors. We help your customers setup and upgrade any application the right way, the first time.

Virtual Machine provisioning

Customers look for instant service, and we are happy to oblige them. Whether your provisioning guarantee is in minutes or in hours, we make it happen. We help your customers quickly setup and effortlessly manage their accounts.

Monitoring & emergency administration

RAID array errors, network congestion, faulty power unit – a lot of things can affect service quality in a server environment. We keep a close eye on infrastructure health, and quickly resolve systems issues before it can affect service quality.

VM backup maintenance

Backups are like parachutes. When you need them, it better work! However, issues such as disk space overages, load spikes, network errors etc., can cause backups to fail. We help you setup backup systems, and monitor its integrity daily to ensure 100% reliable backups at all times.


VM template maintenance

Quick account provisioning depends on the availability of up-to-date virtual machine templates. We build and maintain KVM templates that are kept updated with the latest version of applications and operating system at all times. This helps us provision new VMs in as little as 10 minutes.

High availability maintenance

Many factors should act together for high availability to work. For eg., the un-used resources in a KVM cluster should equal resources in any node and management network should have 100% uptime. We monitor your systems round the clock, and resolve any conflict that can affect HA failover.

KVM installation & configuration

Setting up a KVM system involves many challenges like designing the ideal architecture, choosing virtualization enabled hardware, setting up the network & storage systems, etc. We help you build a KVM system from scratch that is customized to meet your unique business requirements.

Remote infrastructure management

Never again worry about a downtime. We keep an eye on your servers 24/7, and take corrective action on service issues, way before it can affect your customers.

  • 24/7 infrastructure monitoring
  • 24/7 emergency restoration of failed/degraded services
  • Building and maintaining VM templates
  • Adding and managing performance of storage devices
  • Adding and managing new nodes in clusters
  • Upgrading KVM hypervisors
  • Maintaining a reliable fail-over cluster
  • Maintaining fail-proof backups through monitoring and restore tests
  • Designing and building a KVM system from ground up
  • ..and more

Remote technical support

Be it troubleshooting an application error, or a request for service configuration, we are here 24/7 to help your customers get the best out of your service.