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Magento website and hosting support

From visually stunning website themes to blazing fast infrastructure, we help you build all that’s required to keep your Magento shops top-notch.



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In many ways, Magento is the uncrowned king of e-commerce apps. It’s stable, secure and feature rich, but maintaining high performance and customizing Magento for specific requirements can be quite challenging. This is where Bobcares can help.

Bobcares takes care of all your Magento maintenance and development activities, so that you can focus on your core business. We monitor your website round the clock, keep your website lightning fast, and help you customize your Magento store. With us taking care of your site, you no longer have to worry about Magento updates, security issues, backups, or website speed.

If you are a Magento web host or a Magento designer/developer, we help you maintain the websites hosted on your servers. We provide 24/7 website security monitoring, web server optimization services, 24/7 emergency server support and proactive server management that help you deliver reliable services.

Magento website support

Bobcares takes care of everything related to your website maintenance, that includes Magento upgrades, bug fixes, securing and optimizing.

Magento hosting support

Whether you are a Magento web host or a designer/developer, Bobcares helps you build and host world class Magento websites.

Magento website support

When it comes to establishing a business relationship, the first impression counts a lot. A website that is fast and intuitive to use, goes a long way to getting you a new customer. It sounds simple, but a lot goes behind maintaining a stable infrastructure, and keeping the website updated. This is where Bobcares can help.


Lightning fast website

As your site grows, several performance bottlenecks could come up at the database layer, web server layer and I/O layer. We help you avoid such bottlenecks by building and maintaining high performance systems such as database clusters, load balancers, caching systems, and high availability systems.


24/7 security monitoring & patching

Magento has its share of vulnerabilities such as the Shoplift bug. Attackers use these vulnerabilities to inject malware into websites, leading to SEO penalties and loss of reputation. We keep your website safe with 24/7 advanced security monitoring, and pro-active patching of vulnerabilities.

Site feature changes & bug fixes

Business is dynamic. Every once in a while, you may need to add a new product category, or integrate a new popular payment gateway. Hiring a developer for such small changes may not be fast or easy. With Bobcares, you get Magento developers familiar with your website, who make required changes, usually on the same day.

Website design and graphics updates

Websites need to be updated periodically to showcase new products, launch new marketing campaigns, etc. Our team of experienced Magento developers and brilliant graphics designers helps you create new website designs that are intuitive to navigate and visually stunning.

Backup configuration & maintenance

Life’s unpredictable. Things such as a failed hard disk, file system issues, database errors, etc. can cause your website to be lost. We help you configure reliable website backups, and periodically test the backup integrity, so that you’ll always have a reliable, fully tested backup in case of emergencies.

Magento core & extension updates

Most Magento websites are customized in one way another. Maintaining these custom features during a Magento core upgrade can be tricky due to Magento’s complex template architecture. We help you carefully map the dependencies, and seamlessly transition to a new Magento version without affecting site functionality.

SEO audit & optimization

Search engine optimization is a moving target. Search engines change their ranking algorithms frequently, and a well optimized site today may lose its rank in just a few weeks. We perform periodic SEO audits on your website, and help you re-optimize your website as per the latest SEO trends.


As they say, time’s money. We help you reduce time to market by maintaining uniform development and production environments and automating the deployment process, and building systems to easily manage a diverse server infrastructure.

Magento hosting support

Magento hosting is a highly competitive business. Sub 2-second page load times, and high uptime are the norm. Despite investing heavily in hardware, many Magento hosts find it difficult to maintain consistent high performance, uptime, and fool-proof security. Reliable service can be maintained only with 24/7 performance monitoring, periodic performance tuning and proactive security hardening. This is where Bobcares can help.


Server performance tuning

Typical Magento hosting servers handle thousands of transactions per hour. Such heavy usage calls for frequent re-optimization of database clusters, caching systems, load balancers, web server settings, etc. We keep a close eye on infrastructure performance 24/7, and make timely adjustments to keep the server running smooth.

24/7 monitoring & service recovery

Your customers and search engines value fast websites, which is why we maintain a 24/7 expert technical team to monitor your server metrics and take immediate corrective actions in case of performance issues, security issues, service failures, etc.

Technical support

Running an e-commerce store often brings its own set of technical challenges. This can include bounced mails, website errors, database errors, and more. When your customers need assistance with such issues, our experts are online 24/7, over help desk and live chat.


Server audit & hardening

Like the infamous GuruincSite malware, mass exploits of Magento sites do occur from time to time. We monitor security channels, and quickly patch the server firewall if a new vulnerability or exploit is reported for Magento. Additionally periodic top-down audits are done to secure all system services.

Virtualized environment support

Virtual environments like Docker, LXC/LXD, OpenVZ, etc., offer a cost effective way to deliver high performance hosting. However, many functions such as network bridging, storage allocation, etc., need to be carefully managed to ensure optimal hosting experience. We help you migrate to, and manage virtual hosting environments.

Infrastructure maintenance

Corrupted RAID arrays, outdated system software, disk space issues – all are part of maintaining a world class hosting service. We take care of all your infrastructure maintenance operations, so that you can focus on making your service even more awesome.


As they say, time’s money. We help you reduce time to market by maintaining uniform development and production environments and automating the deployment process, and building systems to easily manage a diverse server infrastructure.

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