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Odin Plesk Technical Support

Deliver top-notch Plesk hosting with 24/7, lightning fast tech support.



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Website owners often require assistance in customizing Odin (formerly Parallels) Plesk hosting features and managing their web/mail services. With 24/7, personalized Plesk technical support, we help your customers maintain a secure, fast and reliable web and mail services on their domain.

24/7 emergency administration

We react swiftly to a service disruption, and restore failed services before it can affect customers.


Service configuration assistance

With fast, personalized support, we help Plesk account owners meet their specific business requirements.


Resolving performance issues

We help Plesk account owners maintain domain reputation by resolving performance bottlenecks.


Account security assistance

We help Plesk account owners quickly recover from a security issue, and restore domain reputation.


Crash recovery assistance

We assist Plesk account owners recover lost data through database repairs, backup restores, etc.


Account setup and migration

We help new Plesk account owners setup their hosted services with detailed assistance.


Account administration and upgrades

We help your customers grow with you by helping them add services such as SSL, increased quota, etc.

Pre-sales support

Our experts analyze the hosting needs of customers, and give a convincing solution using your hosting features. really cares! I’ve been a client for several years and have had several incidents which the team at has fixed. I’m a really happy camper!

Doug Hauptman


Why you’ll love Bobcares

For the past 14 years Bobcares has constantly innovated to build world class systems and procedures with only one focused goal – delightful customer support. Everything we do are centered around you and your customers. From this ultimate goal, we’ve worked backwards, and created a host of features our technical support which your customers will find valuable. Here are a few of them.

24/7 support availability

Your customers get prompt support, round the clock, any day of the week.

See how we ensure 24/7 availability

White label support

We work using your support desk, as your staff, under your brand name.

See how we ensure transparency

Certified quality

Each support interaction is performed as per the strict ISO 9001 standard.

See how high quality is maintained

Stringent information security

Your customer/server data is protected as per the strict ISO 27001 standard.

See how security certification protects you

100% engineers

Our help desk support team is made up of experienced computer science engineers.

See how Bobcares engineers add value


Personalized replies

We do not use canned replies, and personalize each of our responses.

Friendly, patient support

We build customer loyalty by staying with the customer until issue is solved.

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