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OnApp systems management and support

Your OnApp cloud customers get instant access to expert support – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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Cloud systems like OnApp are designed to be fault tolerant, but, just like any other system, functions in OnApp could fail due to network errors, file system errors, etc. In such situations, customers look for quick, expert assistance to maintain service uptime. This is where Bobcares can help.

Bobcares helps OnApp cloud providers maintain high service quality and deliver prompt technical support. We act as your own technical support team and transparently support your customers over live chat and help desk. Our engineers work independently or with your inhouse team to keep your network and servers in top-notch condition 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Remote technical support

Bobcares transparently supports OnApp users over live chat and help desk – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Remote infrastructure management

Be it 24/7 emergency support, or preventive maintenance, we got all bases covered to keep your OnApp system top-notch.

Software development

We help you customize your hosting systems such as WHMCS, HostBill, etc. integrate seamlessly into your OnApp system.

How we help


Technical support services

When OnApp cloud instances don’t work as expected, customers look for fast, expert assistance. With Bobcares, your customers get instant access to OnApp experts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Virtual Machine crash recovery

Virtual machines in Xen, KVM and VMWare crash for a variety of reasons, but what’s important is how quickly we restore them when it does. Our team is on stand-by 24/7 and helps your customers quickly recover from service errors, boot errors, network errors, etc.

Virtual Machine abuse recovery

OnApp VMs are often affected by spamming, hack attempts, brute force attacks etc. We help your customers recover from an abuse issue, and secure their virtual machines from such attacks in the future.

VM provisioning and accounts administration

Customers love fast service. Quick OnApp instance provisioning and lightning fast resource upgrades help your customers meet project deadlines. Whether your provisioning guarantee is in minutes or in hours, we make it happen.

VM backup management

Backups are automated in OnApp, but issues such as disk errors, space overages, load spikes, etc. can cause backups to fail. We keep a close eye on the backup process, and check data integrity periodically, so that you get an up-to-date and 100% reliable backup at any point of time.

OnApp infrastructure management

OnApp control panel and hypervisors need to be periodically upgraded to maintain security and service quality. However, upgrades are known to break the systems if not managed properly. We help you keep your systems well-oiled and up-to-date without affecting your customers.


VM template management

Quick account provisioning depends on the availability of reliable virtual machine templates. Depending on changing Xen and KVM versions or depending on hosting plan changes, VM templates need to be updated. We maintain fully tested VM templates, which facilitate lightning fast provisioning.

OnApp installation & configuration

Setting up an OnApp cloud system involves many challenges like designing the ideal architecture, choosing the right hardware, setting up the network & storage systems, integrating with billing system, etc. We help you build an OnApp system from scratch that is customized to meet your unique business requirements.

OnApp support case studies

disk degraded OnApp support

How to fix “degraded Vdisk” error in OnApp

OnApp error “Cannot snapshot a degraded Vdisk” is usually caused by a corrupted RAID array.

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Online Vdisk error OnApp Support

How to fix a failed BuildDisk

OnApp BuildDsik action can fail due to failed Service API, Firewall issues or SSH key issues.

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vDisk failed OnApp support

How to fix “onlineVDisk failed” error

“onappstore onlineVDisk failed” error is shown when there is an issue with an OnApp storage system.

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Connection broken OnApp support

How to fix OnApp license error

License error could be displayed if the licensing client has crashed or port 5555 is blocked.

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Remote technical support

We support your customers and servers as a managed service, or through a team of engineers working exclusively for your company.

Managed support

Hire support engineers

For a low fixed price per month, we keep your services online, and support your customers over phone, live chat and help desk.Our engineers work as your technical support staff or complement your existing support team, seamlessly extending your support group.
24/7 availability
Multi-channel support
Emergency server support
Complete infrastructure management
Unlimited technical support and server management
Custom coverage, response time and support style
Build your plan
Compare support plans

Remote infrastructure management

Bobcares helps you custom configure your infrastructure and keeps your servers optimized, secured and updated through periodic top-down audits. We help you design, implement and maintain disaster recovery systems which gives your business the necessary safety net.

Infrastructure management

Cloud systems need to be frequently updated to give your customers the best features in the market. We help you keep your cloud management nodes, hypervisors and applications updated, secured and optimized at all times.

Server administration

With professional server administration services, we help cloud users custom configure their IT infrastructure or troubleshoot complex service performance issues.

Software design and development

Bobcares helps you develop VPS management software, or customize third party applications to meet your unique business requirements.

Software customization and development

With 14+ years of experience in managing and developing applications for online service providers, our developers create software that is custom made for your unique business needs.
See how we help with custom software development

Website and graphics design

Your brand and business identity is unique. Our graphic designers convert your vision into visually stunning logo designs, website designs and character designs.
See how we help with website and graphics design

Supported technologies

Xen VPS support

KVM VPS support

VMWare VPS Support

AWS OnApp Support

Linux VPS hosting support

Windows VPS hosting support

cPanel OnApp support

Odin Plesk OnApp Support

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