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Virtualization technology is complex. How do you make it work for you? Let us help you.



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Virtualizing your infrastructure can give you a lot of benefits such as high uptime, application isolation, robust disaster recovery, etc. – if done the right way. But, things can easily go wrong if proper care is not given during system setup and continued maintenance. For instance, if resource usage of applications are not continually tweaked as per changing usage patterns, they can crash during peak usage hours – leading to critical business downtime.

For close to a decade, Bobcares has worked with hundreds of businesses world wide to build, maintain and operate server virtualization systems that meets all their strategic business goals. No matter the size of your business, or the kind of business you run, Bobcares helps you setup a server virtualization solution, take care of systems management, and support your customers to keep your business running smooth.

What is server virtualization?

Server virtualization is a simple concept. Virtualization technology allows creation of multiple “virtual servers” with the hardware of a single physical server. For all practical purposes, these virtual servers perform just like a physical server, with its own IP, disk space, memory, and software suite. Server virtualization is made possible by the use of a special software called “hypervisor”. A hypervisor pools together all physical resources in a server (such as CPU, Disk, Bandwidth, etc.), and allocates it to the virtual servers as needed.

By virtualizing your infrastructure, you can dynamically change resource allocation to your business applications as per its usage. It allows you to run your servers at capacity, reduce resource wastage, and thereby reduce costs. Each virtual server can be completely isolated from another, guaranteeing fool proof security. Furthermore, multiple physical servers can be pooled together to build a high availability system, where your applications will remain online, even if one of the physical servers go down.



Why virtualize your infrastructure?


High uptime

Capabilities such as live migration and distributed resources make virtual servers resilient to hardware failures.


Low infrastructure cost

App servers use only 40% of resources. By pooling resources, wastage can be avoided, thereby lowering costs.


Easy scalability

New servers can be built or resource upgrades be done using a control panel. No physical setup needed.


Quick disaster recovery

We help new cPanel account owners quickly setup their services by providing detailed assistance.

Fast server provisioning

By using server templates, new virtual servers can be provisioned in as little as 5 mins.

Save energy

Virtualization helps you consolidate servers. This helps you reduce energy costs, and minimize carbon footprint.

Avoid hardware vendor lock-in

Virtualization systems work on a wide range of hardware, allowing you to switch providers any time.

Avoid app conflicts

Putting multiple apps in the same server cause compatibility issues. With virtualization, you get one server/app.

How Bobcares helps you

Build your system

A virtualization technology suitable for one business may not be right for another. We help you design and build a system that is custom designed to meet all your business goals.


Migrate your servers

When moving to a new virtualized system, there can be many compatibility issues, and possible data loss. We analyze your current system, identify possible fault points, and migrate your servers with zero data loss.

Support your system users

System users often find it difficult to configure their client devices and applications to interact with server applications. We help your system users quickly resolve these errors so that there’s no business downtime.

Fix server/application errors

Database errors, failed updates, service crashes, etc. are common causes for application errors. We help you quickly locate the source of the error, and fix it before it can affect your customers.

Fix failed VMs

Application updates, resource limits, or OS upgrades can lead to virtual machine crashes. We troubleshoot boot errors, resource errors, and service failures to bring the VM back online as soon as possible.

Analyze/Upgrade VM resources

System users and server applications often need higher resources as the traffic to the VMs increase. We analyze resource usage trends in VMs, and upgrade resources as needed to fix bottlenecks.

Managing Cloud/VPS resources

As the system usage increases, resources like disk space, memory and CPU will be needed more. We help you analyze actual system usage, and assist you in scaling up or scaling out system resources as needed.

Resolve spam/hack issues

System users who administer virtual machines on their own, often run into security issues such as spamming or hacking. We help them quickly clean their servers, and restore IP reputation, so as to avoid business impact.

Fix high load in VMs

Resource limits, un-optimized database, poor coding, and a lot of other factors can lead to high load in servers. We help system users identify and fix performance bottlenecks before it starts affecting their business.


Monitoring critical services

If a service error is detected within the first 5 minutes, it stands a high chance of resolution without extensive downtime. Expert engineers from Bobcares monitor all critical services 24/7 and fix issues within a few mins.

Keeping reliable backups

Backups are like parachutes. When it’s needed, it’d better work. We take daily backups of your system, and test its data integrity daily, so that you always have a reliable backup in case the whole system fails.


24/7 emergency support

A lot of things, like hard disk corruption, file system errors, etc. can go wrong in a server infrastructure. Our engineers are on standby 24/7, so that in case something untoward happens, experts are just a call away.

Supported technologies

ovirt server virtualization

hyper-v server virtualization

onapp server virtualization

docker server virtualization

kvm server virtualization

xen server virtualization

Remote infrastructure management

Never again worry about a downtime. We keep an eye on your servers 24/7, and take corrective action on service issues, way before it can affect your customers.

  • 24/7 infrastructure monitoring
  • 24/7 emergency restoration of failed/degraded services
  • Building and maintaining VM templates
  • Adding and managing performance of storage devices
  • Adding and managing new nodes in clusters
  • Upgrading management nodes and hypervisors
  • Maintaining a reliable high availability configuration
  • Maintaining fail-proof backups through monitoring and restore tests
  • Designing and building a virtualization system from ground up
  • ..and more

Remote technical support

Be it troubleshooting an application error, or a request for service configuration, we are here 24/7 to help your customers get the best out of your service.