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Vultr Managed Service

Get even more out of your Vultr account by leaving all your server management needs to us. Spend your time where it’s needed; on your product or service.

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Vultr Cloud Managed Service
Industry Leading SLA

Industry leading SLA

Since 1999, we’ve had the most aggressive SLAs and will beat any Vultr SLA.



Pay in bulk or in part, with no large amount required to get support.


Get help via Phone, Help Desk or Live Chat immediately.



We have highly-reviewed, certified engineers who are familiar with Vultr and the many microservices it offers.

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What we support

Cloud Compute
Virtual servers maintenance
Bare Metal
24/7 monitoring & maintenance
Block Storage
Application setup & on-demand support
Object Storage
Setup & 24/7 support
Load Balancers
Application setup & management
Bobcares helps install, manage, and maintain your applications with the microservices Vultr has to offer. We’re familiar with heavy object & block storage environments. We’re familiar with the larger use cases for the large load-balanced environments in the public cloud & private cloud environments. There is no large commitment upfront to receive support. We’ve been supporting virtual environments since 1999 and have seen the industry evolve and microservices are something we’ve come to specialize in as they grow in size.

We help businesses through support achieve the necessary compliance that Vultr will not help you with. Vultr can get expensive and Bobcares helps you understand how to avoid the unnecessary costs that can sometimes get out of control.


Flexible plans


Frequently Asked Questions

I don't see a service I need. Can you give me a custom plan?

Of course. Click here to let us know what you need, and we’ll get back to you with a custom plan.

Can you maintain my servers? Updates, backups, etc.?

Yes. We take care of the whole array of DO server maintenance operations that include server updates, backup management, security audits, performance tuning, and more.

Click here to request a custom quote.


Click here to see our server management plans.

I have a development team. Can you work with them?

Yes. DevOps are an important part of our service offering. We can work with your developers for code pipeline management, release management, service scaling, and more.

My IP is blacklisted / My site is infected. Help me.


Click here to submit an emergency support request. We’ll get back to you within 30 minutes.

I need to setup High Availability. Can you help?

Yes. We can setup fail-over systems or load balancing clusters for your application or database servers.

Just leave a message, and our HA expert will get in touch with you.

Can you help me migrate / consolidate my servers to Vultr?


We have extensive experience in managing large networks. We’ll migrate your apps and services with minimal downtime and zero data loss.

Click here to talk to our solutions expert.

Can I call you? It's easier for me.

We’d love to talk to you. Click here to leave your number and a convenient time to call. Our DO expert will give you a call.

I use Docker/Django/... . Are you familiar with that?

Yes, chances are we already support servers running your technology. Bobcares manages over 52,000 servers of more than 200 web service companies world wide. We help businesses transition to new technologies and platforms as they emerge.

If you need to talk to our solutions specialist, click here to leave a message.

Can you fix my application errors?

Yes. We support a wide range of platforms that include PHP, Python, JS, Ruby, and their associated frameworks. Our DO experts are all proficient in programming and debugging. So, no matter what issue you face, we’ll resolve it for you.

My SSL / web server is broken. Can you help?
My servers are slow / under high load. Can you fix it?


Click here to submit a support request. We’ll get back to you within 30 minutes.

Will you support my customers? They have technical questions.


End-customer technical support is a part of Bobcares portfolio. Click here to leave a message about our requirements, and our solutions specialist will get back to you as soon as possible.

Are you facing an issue right now?

If you need an expert to look into your server right away, we can login to your server within 30 minutes. Fill this form to get started.

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How we help

How Vultr customers use our service

Quick on-demand support

Fast support to fix business critical functions. Eg. Snag in mass mailing.

Emergency assistance

Lightning fast support for security or uptime issues. Eg. IP blacklisting.

Alert monitoring

Get experts to quickly fix server issues as and when they happen.

Server updates / patching

Apply security and software updates as soon as they are available.

Tier 3 support

Get an experienced admin on call for those tough issues that’s hard to fix.

Server audits & optimization

Periodically audit the server for performance bottlenecks & fix them.

Backup monitoring & audits

Make sure the server’s backup is up to date and reliable.

Infrastructure design

Get expert advice on complex infrastructure design. Eg. High Availability

Server/App migration

Professional help to migrate apps with minimal downtime & zero data loss.

24/7 Monitoring and Emergency Rescue

We are the safety net for your servers

24/7 alert monitoring

A server expert checks each alert from your server, and initiates emergency rescue if your server uptime or security is affected.

Emergency rescue

If your server is down or is under attack (from bots, spam, and the like), we’ll login to the server within minutes and restore normalcy.

Preventive patching

Once services are back online, we’ll find out what went wrong, and harden or optimize your server to prevent the issue from recurring.

QUICK on-demand support

We’ll Respond Within 60 Mins

If you need help with your servers, we’re just a mail away – 24/7. Here’s how it’ll work:

You send a quick mail summarizing what help you need

Our experts will start working on the ticket within 60 minutes

Support hours will be taken from your account credit

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

Trustpilot logo
As reviewed in TrustPilot on 21st Feb 2020.

We approached Bobcares with a server that was constantly maxing out its memory, and our team had exhausted all options and were in need of desperate help. The amazing Bobcares team managed to dig deep into our server and diagnose a known bug with Ubuntu 16.04 and MySQL 5.7 that we would never have found, and performed some critical updates on a production server, keeping downtime to less than 15 minutes. Thank you so much for all of your hard work, we will definitely be using you again!

Chris Collins

Founder, BoothBook

google testimonial

As reviewed in Google on Feb 12th 2020.

Bobcares has been great to work with for any issues surrounding email! Anytime my outbound emails are getting Blocked or sent to the Spam/Junk Folder, they’re always able to tackle the issue within a couple hours of my reaching out. No complaints, highly recommend!

Kevin Simpson-Verger

Director & Managing Broker, Teletare

google testimonial

As reviewed in Google on Jan 11th 2020.

Awesome work. Had a complete Ovirt engine failure and they were able to help me get it back up and running. They really hung in there for me and got it done. It was a ton of work but they got it all knocked out. Thanks Bobcares!!!!

Robert Franzke

Network Administrator, MDaemon Technologies

Drop A Line

Not sure what kind of support you need? No worries. Consult our Vultr specialist for free. We’ll analyze your requirements, give you a business solution, and explain how to go forward.