oVirt virtualization manager

This WHMCS – oVirt plugin provides a convenient 2-in-1 management interface for oVirt management via WHMCS. Your customers can easily manage their account and VMs (Virtual Machines) from a single WHMCS portal front-end and back-end

oVirt infrastructure management interface

The main page lists the summary of oVirt VMs, Hosts, Users and Storage domains.


Virtual Machine (VM) management interface

For customers to manage VM functions such as Start, Stop, Suspend, Rebuild, Change the OS, etc.


Auto-provisioning feature for VMs

When a customer purchases a new VM package, the VM would be automatically provisioned, giving account access to customers within minutes.


Network Manager to manage the VM networks

Customers can add and edit their networks with this feature.


Feature to create a new VMs from pre-defined templates

Customers can create new VMs using the oVirt VM templates, from the WHMCS oVirt module.