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Server administration

Looking for expert help with a server issue? We can help you fix your server the right way the first time.


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While fixing a server issue or configuring a new feature, it is important to understand the performance, security and maintenance impact of changes made to the server. With years of experience in server administration, Bobcares engineers make server updates that are thoroughly vetted to cause zero impact on security, performance or maintainability.

Emergency administration

Quickly recover from a service downtime, and optimize your servers to avoid similar downtimes.

See common server emergency issues

Server troubleshooting

With tried and tested troubleshooting procedures, we quickly locate the issue, and restore service quality.

See commonly resolved server issues

Infrastructure setup

Get new services custom configured and optimized for your server infrastructure.

See common infrastructure setup requests

Server hardening

Get expert help in recovering from a security issue and hardening your server against future attacks.

See commonly resolved security issues

Server optimization

Recover quickly from a server performance issue, and optimize your servers with Bobcares administration.

See common server performance issues

Application installation

Meet all your business needs and security/optimization requirements with our custom installation service.

See common application installation requests

Server configuration

Bobcares experts re-configure your servers to meet your specific requirements with minimal downtime.

See common server configuration issues

Application troubleshooting

We quickly identify the cause of an application error, and help you restore any lost data.

See commonly resolved application errors

Data migration

We help you migrate data to your new infrastructure with zero data loss, and minimal downtime.

See common data migration requests

24x7 availability

We’re here 24/7. Be it an emergency or a scheduled administration, we can help you at your convenient time.

See how we deliver 24/7 service

Wide range expertise

With the experience of managing over 10,000 servers daily, our engineers are geared to help you with any internet technology.

See the technologies we commonly support

Quality and security certification

We fully understand your need for top quality and security, which is why we are certified in the most stringent international standards.

See how certifications help you

Fix your server now!

Let us help you identify and fix your server trouble.

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Keep your servers optimized, hardened and updated at all times.

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