One-time Server Support

Expert assistance for one-off server admin jobs such as error fixing, migration, securing, and more.

 Professional consultation

 Customized solution

24/7/365 coverage


Managing a server is hard. We take care of complex server administration tasks such as backup restoration, server migration, issue troubleshooting, service optimization, and more.

How we help

Here are a few common issues we resolve, and the approximate service fee for them. The exact quote for your specific issue may vary based on the complexity, but this should help you get the ball rolling. Get started.


Server updates


Email/Web/DB setup



Performance tuning


Anti-spam setup


Server migration


Server hardening


Application installation


Backup restoration


Don’t see your specific issue listed? Check out the common website specific issues we resolve, or talk to an expert.

Get started

We start with a professional consultation. This process usually takes 1-2 hours, where our experts check your server, find out exactly what needs to be fixed, and lay out a solution plan. Quicker solutions are usually implemented within this consultation period. Have questions? Talk to our expert.

Choose a support plan


Pay as you go

Covers all one-time maintenance tasks & setup. Buy hours and use when you need them.




Standard support

  • Maintenance tasks such as Application install, migration, server hardening, optimization or more.
  • 12 hour response

Members access

Get expert help at Members Only discounted hourly rates.


With $99.99/mo membership. 3 standard support hours included per month.



Standard support

  • Maintenance tasks such as application install, migration, server hardening, optimization and more.
  • 12 hours response.

36 hours included per year

Every month, you’ll accrue 3 hours for Standard support instances, for a total of 36 hours per year.  Additional standard hours are at $29.99/hr. Additional emergency hours are at $59.99/hr.


Roll over unused hours

Unused hours can be accumulated and used when needed within one year.


Member pricing

These are approximate rates based on member pricing. Rates can differ based on complexity of server configuration.

  • Application setup – $99.98 $59.98
  • WordPress update – $49.99 $29.99
  • Server hardening – $149.97 $89.97
  • Server speed optimization – $149.97 $89.97

Emergency tasks such as hack recovery, spam mitigation, and more are covered under our Emergency Server Support plan, where experts attend your request within 1 hour.

Not sure what help you need?

Let us know what issue you’re facing, and we’ll get back to you with solution options, and how to go forward.

Supported technologies

Server systems

Linux or *nix

  • Redhat / CentOS / Fedora
  • Debian / Ubuntu
  • FreeBSD
  • Cloud Linux


  • Server 2008 / 2012 / 2016
  • Office 365

Web servers

  • Apache
  • Nginx
  • Litespeed
  • IIS
  • Varnish

Database servers

  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • Galera / NDB

Mail servers

  • Postfix
  • Exim
  • Qmail
  • Exchange


VPS systems

  • Hyper-V
  • KVM
  • Proxmox / LXC
  • OpenVZ
  • Xen
  • Virtuozzo / Parallels Cloud
  • SolusVM
  • Virtualizor

Cloud systems

  • VMWare
  • OnApp
  • AWS
  • oVirt / RHEV

Web hosting


Control panels

  • cPanel/WHM
  • Plesk
  • Direct Admin
  • InterWorx
  • ISP system
  • ..and more

Web apps

  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • Joomla
  • DNN
  • ..and more

Billing / Ticketing

  • OTRS
  • HostBill
  • SalesForce
  • ..and more

What our customers say about us

Very good knowledge of Linux/System Admin

Bobcares services are Great, Friendly, Supportive, 24×7 Available. All Tech People are great & friendly too with very good knowledge of Linux/System Admin. Amar is very nice guy, and always ready to listen his clients requirements & suggestions.

Hemant Kumar


Great partner for remote-hands work

I am very happy with the services provided for our SaaS security products by Bobcares – we have found them to be a great partner for all support activities and remote-hands work. I would totally recommend this team!

Anirban Banerjee

Co-Founder, Stop The Hacker

Bobcares solves issues within minutes

I have never been more impressed with a company than I have with Bobcares. Their techs are amazing. They get to the bottom of issues extremely fast, usually within minutes of submitting a ticket. I would TOTALLY recommend Bobcares to anyone.

Thomas Stempien

Agribusiness Publications

Why Bobcares

We know web hosting

Our team supports hundreds of web hosting companies like yours, with the support tailored to match their unique needs.

We champion small business

Bobcares started small in 1999 as a small business, and we built our foundation by helping online SMB businesses make their mark. We value entrepreneurship, and empower companies to grow.

We are trusted

We’ve been consistently rated the top server management company for web hosts for the past 15+ years. Over 250+ customers entrust their 47,000+ servers with us to keep it fast and secure.

Frequently asked questions

What happens during initial consultation?

Each server is unique. Many settings like resource limits, network settings, security controls, etc. vary from one server to another. Any of these can affect the successful execution of a solution. Inadvertent changes to any of these settings can result in extended downtime.

That is why we take extra care to study the various limits within your server before we even design or implement a solution. All that happens during initial consultation. This process usually lasts 1 hour.

In many cases, such as mail error resolution or web server recovery, the solution would involve only a settings change and testing. Such solutions can be quickly implemented, and would be covered in the initial consultation.

How much will it cost for my work to be done?

Many of the common issues such as error resolution, web/database recovery, etc. takes only about 1-2 hours to complete. This equates to a maximum $90, or if you’re a Bobcares member, $60.

However, it’s important to note that each server has its own unique configuration, and the complexity of the issue can vary from one server to another.

So, the exact extend of the work on your server can be more or less than the average time estimate. To prevent cost-overruns, we work on 30-minute increments if the work isn’t finished during first 1 hour (during the initial consultation).

If you need more details, please contact us.

Can investigation and fixes be clubbed?
Yes. For example, if we take 20 minutes to investigate, and 40 minutes to fix, we will bill you for only for 1 hour.
Can I rollover the remaining minutes from my hours?
No, because we bill in increments of one hour. But you may club multiple tasks together.
What happens if I have hours left over?
You get credits for hours remaining. You may use them anytime within 1 year.
How long do my hours remain valid?
They remain for up to 1 year. Many of our customers pre-pay for hours and use them as and when they need them.