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oVirt virtualization manager

oVirt management interface in WHMCS for service
providers and VM users.



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This WHMCS – oVirt plugin provides a convenient 2-in-1 management interface for oVirt management via WHMCS. Your customers can easily manage their account and VMs (Virtual Machines) from a single WHMCS portal front-end and back-end

oVirt Feature List


Create new VMs

Customers can create new VMs from their WHMCS account using the oVirt templates.

VM management Feature

VM management feature for customers to create, start, reboot, shutdown, console and suspend the VMs.


WHMCS IP Manager module

Static IP assignment to the VMs by integrating it with the WHMCS IP Manager module.


Auto-provisioning feature for VMs when a customer purchases a new VM package.

VM stats

Shows VM stats in the client portal – uptime, memory, CPU, disk space used/available, etc.

Edit VM Config

Options to edit the VM configuration (cluster, data center), rebuild the VM, change the OS, etc.

Key features

1. oVirt infrastructure management interface

The main page lists the summary of oVirt VMs, Hosts, Users and Storage domains.


2. Virtual Machine (VM) management interface

For customers to manage VM functions such as Start, Stop, Suspend, Rebuild, Change the OS, etc.


3. Auto-provisioning feature for VMs

When a customer purchases a new VM package, the VM would be automatically provisioned, giving account access to customers within minutes.


4. Network Manager to manage the VM networks

Customers can add and edit their networks with this feature.


5. Feature to create a new VMs from pre-defined templates

Customers can create new VMs using the oVirt VM templates, from the WHMCS oVirt module.


Release Notes

Bobcares oVirt v1.0.0 Release Notes 2017-07-08 06:13:21

Version number: 1.0.0 Compatibility: All versions of v6.2,v6.3,v7.0,v7.1,Selected versions of WHMCS v7.2 (7.2.0 – 7.2.2)

* Initial release.

Bobcares oVirt v1.0.1 Release Notes 2017-09-25 03:18:28

Version number: 1.0.1 Compatibility: All versions of v6.2,v6.3,v7.0,v7.1,Selected versions of WHMCS v7.2 (7.2.0 – 7.2.2)

* Admin panel UI improvisation

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