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Fixing tech churn

How we helped a major web host stabilize support operations that were affected by staffing issues.

Running a support operation can be hard. Many companies find it difficult to find the right talent, train the techs, keep them motivated, maintain support quality, and get replacements fast enough while not letting support quality be affected.

Bobcares works as an efficient operations team that takes care of all aspects in relation to web hosting operations and support. This helps web hosts put laser-sharp focus on improving their core business. Today we’ll take a look at how Bobcares helped a large web host bring down call hold times and resolution, which were affected by staffing issues.

Fix support quality

How call quality measured in call hold times and resolution times improved after switching support to Bobcares.

Customer profile

Mobilus Inc* competes with the big players in the web hosting industry, and provides a wide range of hosting solutions that stretches from app hosting to dedicated servers. Alex* the operations head of Mobilus was having a tough time dealing with the staff churn that was affecting their support quality. He contacted Bobcares to get the operations under control again and maintain consistently high support quality.

*We provide 100% white labeled services. Names changed to conform to our Non Disclosure Agreement.

Business challenge

Mobilus Inc. setup their support center in the same city where they hosted their servers. While the access to world class facilities and connectivity was great, experienced techs were hard to come by.

Over time, they found it difficult to find support techs fast enough to replace those who were leaving. This strained the team’s capacity, and led to poorly trained staff taking a long time resolve issues. Mobilus wanted Bobcares to:

1. Reduce call hold times. Long delays in issue resolution and lack of adequate staff strength was causing callers to spend close to 2 minutes average on hold. Bobcares set a target of 30 seconds which was the industry average for large operations.

2. Fix issues fast. The rush in getting in new staff was causing techs to learn on the job, and this resulted in calls going to even 30 minutes to get resolved. It resulted in a lot of angry customers, and poor ratings. Bobcares analyzed the support issues, and agreed to reduce resolution time to 5 minutes average.

3. Maintain consistently high support quality. Differences in staff capability was leading to inconsistent support quality. We laid out a detailed plan that showed how support delivery and quality assurance can be managed by Bobcares so that each caller receives world-class support.

The solution

Within a month of taking over tech support of Mobilus, Bobcares was able to imrpove the support quality, and bring support operations under world class quality standards. Here are the key highlights:

Low hold time & call length

Calls that earlier used to take 2 mins to attend, and 10 mins to resolve was now being attended in 30 seconds and resolved within 5 minutes on average.


84% first call resoltuion

Staff training issues at Mobilus forced some customers to call multiple times. With Bobcares, 84% of Tier 1 issues were resolved in the first call itself.

Quality feed back

A team of top executives, quality manager and quality analysts keep a close watch on support call quality, and makes necessary adjustments to keep the support top notch. Management shares this data with Mobilus to keep them informed on actions taken and results achieved.

Scalable support team

An unsaid requirement at Mobilus was the ability of support team to grow as the company grew. Since Bobcares is a company solely invested in tech support, we have long tested and proven channels to meet this demand with a little heads up.

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