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Helping a web host grow

How we reduced the support load on the business owner and helped them focus on growth.

Every web host gets calls such as “How do I reset my password?” and “Is my payment due?”. These calls, while simple to resolve, can come in during client meetings, site development, marketing, etc. that results in lost effectiveness or execution delays.

Bobcares acts as an efficient front-line support that fields more than 95% of these calls, and refer only the important ones to hosting owners. Today we’ll see how Bobcares helped a hosting owner reduce their phone engagement time from 3 hours to less than 30 mins every day.

Save support time

How time spent on support by the hosting owner reduced after switching support to Bobcares.

Customer profile

Recca Host* was founded in 2011, and quickly gained reputation among small businesses for reliable services and great support. Josh* the owner of Recca Host contacted us to help him cut down the support volume he needs to attend, so that he can focus better on his other business activities.

*We provide 100% white labeled services. Names changed to conform to our Non Disclosure Agreement.

Business challenge

Recca Host’s signature was their ability to build an online presence for small businesses without forcing the owners to get a PhD in internet technology. But this required a lot of hand holding in terms of how to setup hosting services, configure PC, and so on.

As the business grew, the hosting owner found himself spending up to 3-4 hours in support calls, which was affecting business management. Recca Host wanted Bobcares to:

1. Minimize call escalated to company management. Recca Host owner wanted to cut down his support call engagement time from 3 hours to less than 30 mins every day.

2. Minimize the hold times. Support calls sometimes went un-attended because the owners would be in a sales meeting, or would be commuting. That led to almost 20% of the calls to be dropped, and an additional 10% to be attended pretty slowly.

3. Deliver 24/7 support. ReccaHost wanted to spread its wings and start signing up clients from other time zones, which meant that support calls could come in during off-business hours.

The solution

The phone support plan of Bobcares fit perfectly well with what Recca Host wanted. The service is 100% white labeled and is based out of Phoenix, AZ, which gives the callers a feel that this is indeed an extended support wing of Recca Host. Here are the key highlights:

Seamless call routing

The calls of Recca Host was seamlessly forwarded to our support team, and each call is answered by our techs with Recca Host’s custom greeting, thereby delivering 100% whitelabel support.

24/7 coverage

Recca Host used to get a few calls a week late into the night or early in the morning. With Bobcares covering support, these calls no longer went to the voice message.


Zero call escalations

Situations where a call had to be escalated in real-time was eliminated. If an issue required the assistance of the company owner, it was converted into a support ticket, and Josh called them back later.

Low hold time

Some customer calls usually took a long time to be answered because Josh would be on a meeting, or on another call. Such instances were avoided as the support was now handled by a team of techs working in parallel.

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