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Multiple time zone support

How we helped a web host deliver fast support to customers from two countries & many timezones.

Growing a web hosting business often requires acquiring customers from other states or even outside the country. But that requires the company to provide after hours support that often entails a huge investment in support costs and management effort.

Traffic Miner LLC* is one such web host that wanted to provide after hours support, but wanted to avoid the hassles of building a 24/7 team, training them, maintaining the infrastructure, and keep on top of quality and personnel issues.

Today we’ll take a look at how Bobcares helped this company deliver responsive after hours support that helps them support customers from other time zones.

*We provide 100% white labeled services. Names changed to conform to our Non Disclosure Agreement.

Customer profile

Traffic Miner LLC is a one-stop web solution provider for small businesses. From setting up a site and hosting it, to maintaining the apps and marketing it, Traffic Miner provides the full stack, painfree web presence. Abey* the owner of Traffic Miner contacted Bobcares to cover after hours tech support, so that his customers in other time zones are not left high and dry.

Business challenge

Traffic Miner LLC is a business web solutions provider that gets a majority of its signups through affiliates and referrals. This referral model of business often gets them customers outside their time zone, and it was important that Traffic Miner supports these customers during their business hours – that is off business hours of Traffic Miner.

Abey, the owner of Traffic Miner initially offered after hours support through email, but customers demanded phone calls for confusing issues such as DNS errors, mail bounces and website errors. This left him taking support calls well past business hours.

We identified these as his core concerns:

1. Manage 100% after hours support. We understood that Abey was tired of dealing with a huge pile of pending tech issues from last night when he came in the morning. He wanted a clean slate to begin the day.

2. Fast issue resolution. While talking to Abey, we understood that one of the reasons he didn’t outsource till now was his worry that no one else could solve issues as fast as him. (He was in for a pleasant surprise.)

3. Provide 100% white labeled service. Abey mentioned how he’s facing competition from other companies that advertised 24 hour support, and he to wanted to market it on his site. That meant that his competitors and customers should feel the support team is a part of Traffic Miner, and not an external party.

The solution

Bobcares offered a combination of phone and email support. About 95% of issues are resolved by our first level phone support team, and the few that needed more in-depth troubleshooting are opened as a ticket to the email support team, who logs in to the web server via administrative terminal and resolves the issue. Here are the key highlights:


Zero call escalations

100% of after-hours tech support calls are now resolved by Bobcares. Even pre-sales queries that come our way are responded to first, and then moved into the sales queue, which gives customers the impression of a 24/7 company.

6 minutes average call resolution

The phone support team resolves a vast majority of tech issues within 6 minutes, and the few that are escalated to help desk team are resolved at an average of 23 minutes.


Seamless, transparent service

Phone calls to Traffic Miner after business hours are automatically routed to our office. We answer the calls with a custom greeting of Traffic Miner, that gives 100% white labeled service.

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