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Infrastructure support

Bobcares infrastructure support engineers perform routine preventive maintenance, helping you achieve high service uptime and quality.


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Speed and accuracy are critical in resolving a server issue. The root cause should be accurately determined, and a solution should be implemented before end-customer businesses are affected. Bobcares support team is built up exclusively of computer science engineers with years of experience in systems administration. No matter which technology you use for your online services, our engineers maintain high service quality through lightning fast administration and periodic preventive maintenance.

Emergency administration

Emergency server support

A server could be un-responsive due to resource abuse, security incidents, network failure or hardware failure. We kill high-resource-usage processes, quarantine abusive users, or reboot the server if needed to restore service quality.

Security incident response

Security incidents in the server are attended to with high priority. Ongoing attacks such as DoS, brute forcing, spamming, etc. are blocked immediately, and security software are updated to automatically block such attacks in the future.


Server performance optimization

Services can become sluggish when a user or process takes more than its fair share of resources. We quickly determine the cause of a load spike, and prevent future such spikes by putting a resource usage limit on the abusive users/processes.


Server monitoring

We help you setup and maintain a full features server monitoring system. We develop custom monitoring scripts to log various server usage parameters which can be used for capacity audits and new infrastructure design.

Server management

Server provisioning

For dedicated, VPS and cloud service providers, we help setup and provision server instances against new orders. We continuously streamline the provisioning process so that it can be done in the least amount of time and with zero errors.


Server migration

Customers migrating into a new server often face software compatibility issues, data fragmentation issues and service switching errors. We help your customers migrate their data into a new server with zero data loss and minimal downtime.

Infrastructure design and setup

We aid in decision making and successful deployment of new systems by evaluating benefits of different hardware technology, detailed capacity planning, and seamless integration of new servers into the current infrastructure.

Preventive maintenance

A periodic top-down audit is done on all servers to check if the software is up-to-date, if the system is secured against all known hack methods and if the server has any resource bottle neck. Corrective actions are taken as necessary.

Backup management

Server backups are critical in ensuring disaster recovery. Backup processes are monitored daily to make sure all required data is backed up securely. Periodic backup integrity audits are done to check if the backups can be restored on demand.

Domain expertise

Virtualization support

Virtualized systems like VPS and cloud servers need expert administration as a small change can affect a lot of servers at the same time. We help you administer, maintain and upgrade virtualized systems with zero downtime or data loss.

Dedicated and co-location support

Managing dedicated servers and co-located servers require in-depth hardware knowledge and specialized monitoring tools. We help you setup and maintain servers in dedicated hosting and co-located environments with high uptime and performance.


Bobcares helps you maintain a smooth DevOps process by ensuring uniform development and production environments, automating deployment process and helping you easily manage a diverse server infrastructure.

Web hosting

Bobcares is a trusted brand in web hosting industry since 2001. Web hosting technologies, common web hosting issues, evolving trends, etc. are common knowledge for each Bobcares engineer.

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