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How to fix OnApp error “Access Denied as your IP is not white-listed”

How to fix OnApp error “Access Denied as your IP is not white-listed”

Login failures are not new. It can happen due to wrong login details stored in the browser, use of expired login details, or extra space in username or password.

However, for a web interface, login failures can also mean hack attempts. So, online systems apply various security policies to keep users safe. (more…)

LiteSpeed vs Apache – What’s best for you?

It’s a classic tale of the Reigning Champion vs the New Comer.

Every Linux web server comes pre-installed with Apache. Unless you really dig in and look for alternatives, you are not likely to even know about Litespeed.

But still, here you are. Looking at how well Litespeed compares with Apache.


Dedicated vs Shared support services – What should you choose and why

Every business comes to a point when it must hire extra staff to support its growth.

Some hire staff inhouse, while others contract an external company to take care of its billing, marketing, tech support, and more.


How to fix “508 Resource Limit Is Reached” error in CloudLinux + cPanel/WHM servers

How to fix “508 Resource Limit Is Reached” error in CloudLinux + cPanel/WHM servers

Almost every webmaster starts hosting their website using a shared hosting account. It is a very cost effective method, but sharing resources with other customers can sometimes lead to slow site speed. Over the years, several methods were invented to ensure fair share of resources for everyone in a shared hosting server. One such method is resource usage limitation. (more…)

Top 5 reasons for WordPress error “client denied by server configuration” and how to fix it

Here at Bobcares, our Hosting Support Engineers provide tech support to VPS providers, Cloud hosters, and other online service proiders.

We help VPS users resolve their server and web application issues by functioning as the tech support of our customers (the service providers).

In the line of our work, a common error we see in WordPress sites hosted on Apache servers is client denied by server configuration(more…)

Prestashop Error 500 – Top 7 reasons, and how to fix them

“500 Internal Server Error” or plain “Internal Server Error” is common in Prestashop installations.

As a Server Administration Service provider, we’ve seen a wide range of reasons for this error in Nginx servers, Apache, IIS, LiteSpeed and more.

It can range from Memory limits and File permission issues to obscrure Deadlock errors and Cache issues. (more…)

CBL blacklist removal – How to kill botnet malware & delist your IP

SpamHaus CBL or Composite Blocking List is a list of IPs that is known to send spam, or is found to have a bot infected website.

Here at Bobcares, we help website and server owners delist blacklisted IPs, and maintain their servers to prevent future infections or blacklisting.

Most CBL blacklist removal requests begin by site owners reporting either a bounced mail or a failed website scan. (more…)

Server Management and Monitoring – 5 tips to do it right

These days you can get a server from AWS or Azure in as little as 15 minutes.

And not surprisingly, many business owners now use a VPS or Cloud instance to host their website or business apps.

The trouble is, these servers are sold as “unmanaged” instances, and the burden of Server Management & Monitoring falls on the server owner. (more…)

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