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Software built for your unique business needs

Every Ecommerce business is different. We build customized Magento modules that extend your website’s functionality to meet your specific requirements.

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What we do

We help you integrate different software suites, develop custom APIs, automate business functions, and more.

Payment Customization

We integrate your favorite payment gateway into Magento, and customize the payment process to meet your business needs.


Extensions Development

We build Magento extensions from scratch or help you customize open source software to create unique features for your eCommerce site.

3rd Party Integration

We help you extend your business capabilities by seamlessly integrating third party services into your website using APIs.

Featured products

Shipping Manager

This extension uses Echo Global Logistics API to choose the most economical shipping provider for US delivery destinations, and display the most competitive price. On order confirmation, it can place book the shipping based on warehouse location, and provides an interface for customers track the shipment.

Quote2Sales RFQ extension

What if you can offer a great deal to a visitor on your site? This extension helps you  do just that. When a customer checks out a product, you can use a call to action to re-direct the user to this extension, where they can ask for a custom quotation.

Hire us to build a product tailored for your business.

How it works

From concept and design to coding and long-term-support, we work with you closely to make your project a success.


1. Discover

We help you explore the best solutions for your business challenges, and sketch out the optimal set of features for your project.

2. Prototype

We quickly build a prototype to show you how the software would behave. Your feedback is used to further refine, and lock-down the feature set.

3. Build

As soon as the scope of the project is defined, we set a time line for project delivery, and finish development, QA and deployment as per schedule.

4. Support

We want our project to add business value. So, we work with you to strighten out any bugs, and even offer long term support to take care of upgrades, patches, etc.
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Our customers our work

We leave no stone unturned to make our clients starry-eyed!

Integral part of our online presence

I can honestly say that Vijin does a wonderful job, it would be difficult for Labour Guide to imagine our web page without him. I discussed your services with our IT department today, they really have only compliments and good things to say.

The team is an integral part of our online presence and provide excellent support. Nothing is a problem for Vijin and the team and they always provides feedback on our requests.

Andre Claassen

Labour Guide

Bobcares is a strategic partner for my web hosting business

Bobcares has been part of our support solution for since 2002. We had grown so much that we needed a full time support staff. We looked at all of the options and outsourcing was the way to go.
We now regard Bobcares as a strategic partner in our company. They have truly become part of the GH1 Team.

We use Bobcares because we care about our customers!

Dale C. Crow

GH1 Web Hosting, Inc.

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